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Do Werewolves Only Appear During The Full Moon?

Hi everyone.

I was lucid dreaming the other night and, during that ‘dream’ I met with a witch and a man claiming to be a werewolf. The man started to transfigure before my eyes to which I shouted “hang on, the full moon was last week! How can you change into a werewolf?” To which he replied “Oh! We don’t need the full-moon, that is a myth. We can change at any time.”

So my question is, do those ‘cursed’ require the full moon to turn into a werewolf, or is that just a myth?

Asked by A. J. Ryder

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Morning AJ,

Being me, I would have to ask how often you’ve been watching ‘twilight’ .. or any other werewolf based tv bit of nonsense? 🙂

The moon’s energy stimulated the were’s ability to change form. They had no control over what was happening, and turned into ravening beasts that had no control over their actions, except as the ‘wolf’ or whatever ‘were’ they were. (Don’t you love the english language .. were (weir) and were?). This lasted for perhaps 2 days before the full moon, and two days after.

It was only in modern times that we are suddenly told they can change anytime they like, and be nice about it, and while a ‘were’. Nope. And I’ve done a lot of reading on that subject, and vampires, during my life.

Love & Peace

Hi Ama

I have never watched Twilight and not keen on Werewolf type horror films – unless deliberatly tongue in cheek, fun stuff not intended to frighten but rather, done for giggles!

Were (old english) means ‘man’, btw.

This was deffo a lucid dream because I was aware I was dreaming and kept commenting on ‘why am I dreaming that’ because ‘it’s not what I would dream’. Very odd. Actually it wasn’t.

OK! It was only after I’d tried, but failed, to lock my gnomes friends out of the house (didn’t recognise them until their little sad faces pressed up against the window pain), and heard a very familiar raspberry sound(!), that I realised it was my newly acquired Gobbie chum who was mucking about with my head. Have since told him off – little bugger! Its not the one I’d rescued, but one from another tribe that was also about at the same time as the rescue – it also had family involved with the case. After the event, it had decided it wanted to be my friend too, so came back and asked to hang around for a bit.

He’s not done any nighmare stunts since, but I had some very strange dreams a couple of nights on the trot until I realised who was behind it. Mind you, when it first arrived back, I stipulated no throwing stuff around, no winding up Martin and deffo no winding up the cats. I hoped it would get bored and go away again, but I failed to specify no giving me nightmares! Duh! So, its my own fault for not stipulating. In its defence it hasn’t done anything involving anyone else, but my weighing scales have just lifted themselves up on the desk, and dropped down again with a ‘thud’ – as I’m typing this.

But, going back to the werewolf, I just thought it really strange about the werewolf part because, as far as I was ‘a-were’ (lol!) they were only supposed to turn during a full moon. Not that I beleive they actually exist – just curious as to why ‘Raspbi’ would deliberately show me that? (Mind you, if you’d asked me 2 years ago if I believed in the existance of Goblins, Gnomes, fairies and other elementals I would have said not – so, guess I ought to keep an open mind when it comes to werewolves too – lol!


Did your little friend say why he was giving you misinformation about werewolves, AJ? 🙂

We are having odd things happen with birds around here the last few days. A flock of hundreds of sulphur crested white cockatoos have been visiting the town, hanging out in our trees and scaring the cats. Mind you, Charlie was more interested in the cow than the birds I was trying to photograph the other morning. He was so interested that he decided to visit the paddock .. but didn’t realise that you have to duck to get under an electric fence .. one SNAP and the cat was high-tailing back to the house, where he dived inside, saw Tom, did a 180 degree spin, with skidding, on the laundry floor and flew back out the backdoor, to hide somewhere for a while and lick his tail. Who needs gnomes when you have furry nitwits instead? LOL

Love & Peace

Hi Ama

Apparantly, it has taken it upon itself to teach me about protection against, and the ‘exorcism’ or expulsion of bad elemental energy. But I thought only a High Priestess was privy to that kind of information, carried down verbally from one HP to the next, due to the extreme dangers involved with it? But, what do I know?

I must’ve passed 2 tests that night, because I ‘found’ two bunches of keys lying on the floor at different points of the dream, which I picked up and put in my pocket!!!! Keys always confirm the conclusion of a lesson, for me!

But the general purpose of the ‘dream’ lesson was; “make sure my windows are secure to protect my house” (in other words, I need to learn to protect myself from, and deal effectively with elementals – the nastier ones out there, anyway.

As for the werewolf thing, maybe its about being ‘fooled’? Or, learning not to be? But I do remember thinking “Why am I dreaming about a werewolf? I’ve no opinon of them one way or the other? I’m not scared of them, because I don’t believe in them.” My personal view about werewolf origins come from the effect the moon can have on some folk – mood swings, that kind of thing. Certainly, for ‘mis-information’ to be put there just made it doubly intriging as to why a werewolf, hence my OP. Thing is, I knew at that point of the dream it wasn’t entirely my own ‘dream’. So, maybe, that was the whole point of it???

The night before that dream, it was a door. The door would be openned, revealing a number. Then it would close again. After each event, I woke up. (due to coughing mainly, because I’ve got a stinker of a cold.) Then, as soon as I dropped off to sleep, there would be that door again, which would open to reveal another number. Then it would close. Numbers included; 45 36 and 27.

The last time I dreampt about that door, the number 1111.1111111 was revealed at which point I woke myself up, shouting; “Why on earth have you given me that stupid number???” to an elemental who was doing the door opening and closing.

When telling Martin about that dream he chuckled, and simply said it was all about the number 9. Duh! Oh! Yeah! And I call myself an accountant??? LOL!

Poor Charlie!!! Bless!! I hope his tail’s a bit less frazzled now – lol!!


Whao! Interesting you mention the birds, Ama!

I came home from work on Tuesday and saw the landscaping in front of the new house shredded. I’m talking huge holes dug out, plants thrown all over the yard. So I walked in and asked my wife if she was trying to plant shrubs before the snow hit. 🙂

She just looked at me with a very odd expression and said the following:
“Yeah, about 9am this morning the cats (we have two, and they are insane…although the youngest hangs in my lucid dreams lately….and in reality acts like she knows it….meh–another time, another comment, perhaps). [So, the cats] start going crazy….running to each of the panes of the bay window, freaking out the entire time. Then I opened the blinds, and it was “The Birds” (a Hitchcock film that I assume folks have seen). There had to be about 15 crows picking around at the garden.”

They were apparently wrecking the garden for about 20 minutes. Possible we have a lot of Earth worms….but I would expect that on a surprisingly warm winter day….not a shockingly cold winter morning….but who knows.

So….yeah….What’s up with the birds?

A.J. I have so many questions about the “lucid” nature of this dream….but as usual, don’t want to distract from the intent of your post. Maybe time to start another lucid dreaming thread. 🙂


HI Siddle

I don’t often have dreams of a lucid nature, so it was very interesting. In fact, I can count them on one hand – lol! So a topic about them is an excellent idea!


Hi Siddle.

Interesting about the crows. In Spirit terms (if I can call it that) crows usually represent Spirit itself and could indicate transformation happening or about to happen in your lives.

Hi Shreesa,

www. gives a good description of what lucid dreaming is, and isn’t. Bascially you become aware that you are dreaming and its all very vivid – but go and read the page and you’ll get more information.

Love & Peace