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Footsteps, Voices And Other Strange Things Happening

Okay so I have a girlfriend who I have been going out with for about a year now, I am 15 she is 16, and lately strange things have been happening to me, and I she tells me some stuff that happens to her and I think maybe its linked but she dismisses it because I don’t think she believes in stuff like this like paranormal like and stuff.

But anyways, on to the strange things. I think I might have been having some paranormal experiences but am not sure. Like a couple of weeks ago I was trying to sleep when I had thought I heard the piano play one sound outside of my bedroom. (it is a piano that you plug in and turn on but it was already plugged in and could’ve already been turned on) So I was a bit spooked and got up and opened the door and nobody was there. So I sort of just shrugged it off and said whatever to it.

Meanwhile all my girlfriend has been really having was bad dreams that are whatever but one night recently, her dog was in the backyard when she was sleeping and she had her window open, and her dog just kept barking into her room like looking in but eventually stopped and then started up again. I just thought that was odd.

But now, Just about maybe 10 to 20 minutes ago, I am almost certain I heard a childish noise outside of my room and heard and felt a thump like somebody was stomping or jumping. So I checked and of course nobody is their. And I am the only one awake in my house.

Also my girlfriend just told me that every time I wake her up about these things she seems to get migraines and feel sick. Just a whole bunch of unusual things and I don’t know what to think about them and I need help.

Please send me feedback on what you think is happening to me or me and my girlfriend. Also, my house isn’t old, its only about maybe 6 7 or 8 years old. I have 2 cats and 1 dog but I don’t think they cause any of this, and I also used to have strange things happen before maybe when I was about 11 of 12. Things like footsteps, thumps bumps and voice sounds. But they went away for quite sometime until strange things now. So yeah please please please help.

Asked by Tyler

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Hello Tyler,
First off, gathering from the information that you have just explained, you have only heard noises and your girlfriend has had nightmares? I would like you to, first, examine the logical possibilities for some of these occurrences. The episode with your girlfriend sleeping and the dog barking is definitely odd, but could any of this be paranormal? maybe, but it is hard for me to say without a bit more information. Do these noises only occur at night? Who lives in the house with you? What is in your neighborhood? are you in the city or in the country? There can be many logical explanations to many things we may deem paranormal. My best advice is to rule out the logical first before venturing into the paranormal. That being said, I would love to help you further if you would kindly provide me with more information and if anything else has been going on. In the mean time, The Michael Invocation can clear your home and you from anything that wishes to bother you and you can find it at the bottom of this page. It was developed by a good friend of mine and a frequenter here, Ama Nazra, and it has helped me countless times. If there is something there, the Invocation should clear it. Best of luck! LunaTerra

Hey Luna, 🙂

Hello Tyler,

I’m Ama. The Michael Invocation is at the bottom of this page. I suggest that you say it for yourself, to start with, then to clear your home. The instructions are on the page and its very easy to do. Then you can ask your girlfriend to do it too, just to clear her energy, and hopefully that will settle down the nightmares.

Now .. if it doesn’t settle them, what is she having nightmares about? Do you guys watch a lot of paranormal tv, or horror movies, because that can put images into your minds that will reappear when you are feeling stressed out, and really disrupt your sleep. It is possible that is the cause, rather than anything haunting either of you.

The dog barking in the window? Was it actually standing up outside the window, against the house, or was it just trying to tell your girlfriend that something was happening in the yard that it wanted her to look at? Sometimes, as Luna says, the simplest explanation is not paranormal.

Old houses, and new, make all sorts of bumping noises at night, as the house settles, or the land beneath it stretches or contracts depending on what the foundations are. Again, that can be normal. Also a new house can be haunted just as easily as an old one .. the land itself might be haunted, or it could be built on the location of another older house that was torn down.

Start with the Invocation, see how things go from there,
Love & Peace

every thing has an explanation…my advise is that contact a psychologist immedeatly bfore things get worse,,,,,plz dont get fooled by others comments(ghost deamon…..bulldust)

Hello Clinton

I agree that everything has an explanation – just sometimes people won’t accept a metaphysical explanation in striving to prove, or disprove, the paranormal. It’s better to keep an open mind.

A psychologist is not going to stop a person ‘hearing’ footsteps, or voices, or seeing things .. s/he might simply try to convince the suffer that they are deluded, rather than haunted. Since we can generally clear the ghosts, if they haunted, not everyone is deluded.

Also .. part of the rules of this site is NO SWEARING. You will notice I edited your word, rather than just deleting the whole comment. Everyone is entitled to their opinion around here, but we have to keep it polite.

Love & Peace

ama nazra,,dear frnd dont get me wrong…from ur comment i can understand that u r a deamonologist(what ever that means)…can u please say what is your degree/qualification…..

Just curious bcoz i am a science student and a beliver of jesus christ

Hello Clinton,

I think I just friended you on facebook, but I have never met you so I am not a friend of yours. Your comment reads as sarcasm, or patronising, which I am sure you didn’t mean to be. That being said .. my qualifications

To start with, I am a Christian, but instead of just believing what the ministers of the various churches I visited told me, I craved to know God better, so when I was old enough, in my early forties, I studied Theology at University here in Australia. In my late 20’s I had studied Anthropology and some archeology. I have studied the paranormal all my life, and they studied me. I’ve had experiences with angels, demons, elementals and various other spiritual beings since I was about 2. I am now 50. As for the paranormal and demonology, which is a calling, not a hobby, and not something I recommend to anyone – I’ve studied that all my life, because of the personal experiences, and through thousands of books and conversations with other people who do this work, ever since I knew I would end up with this ‘job’ – and I used to tell my parents I would be a demonologist (which means a person who knows how to get rid of them, not a person who interacts with them by choice, or reasons of manipulation – theirs or mine) from the time I was about 4. At that stage I didn’t even know what the word meant. I still have the books. 🙂

As far as I’m aware there’s no formal training for demonology unless its something American (no offence guys) or unless you are a male and join the Catholic church. I may well be wrong in that, but I do keep up with modern writings on the subject. I don’t count the ‘spiritual warfare’ type courses various churches in Australia run, they are very light on content, and often make no sense at all .. yes, I’ve done some of them too. Some of them lead to more trouble than helping.

Wishing you a lovely day,
Love & Peace

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