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Flute Music Mystery

My experience is simply about a mysterious noise that came from the woods off on the distance in my very rural town of Midland NC.  Specifically it was flute music from what was clear to be a single source that I know for a fact was paranormal.

It was as if it was close by yet far away(impossible to accurately guess the distance of the sound yet it sounded closer than it was) weird to explain that was my initial thought process.

The music itself was pleasant.. yet earie and a feeling of sorrow. I then remember asking some friends and family if someone plays flute music but was obviously not ringing a bell to anyone.

I have never heard about or found enough explanations in my random research of the phenomena I have personaly experienced twice during my time bing a smoke out on my roof gazing at the stars.

My true question is what is it you think I heard.  Or is there a familiar style of paranormal affiliated with it that makes it a unique experience?

Asked by Justin

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Hello Justin,

Somewhere out there a person was playing a flute. They could have been miles away, upwind, because sound can travel very far under the right circumstances .. sometimes to the bewilderment of those who hear it. There’s nothing paranormal about it .. just wind currents that carry sound far further than we think it can.

Now, if you had heard it with other people around you, and they had not heard a thing, it could mean your hearing is fantastic or unusual (my husband hears very low ranges that I cannot hear, and I hear very high ones that he can’t) or the music could have been a ‘memory in the walls’ of whatever building you were in. That would be paranormal.

Love & Peace