Dreams and Sleep

Dream Or Vision?

I am a Grandmother of 8 and do believe in the paranormal from personal experience.

Last night I had a vivid vision that woke me up from a dead sleep that has rattled my senses all day. The vision was simply my husband and I in a hotel room in Denver Colorado (we visit a few times a year), our room several flights up… a tremendous roar of a explosion along with vibration that took us to the window just in time to see the complete valley floor east of metro Denver collapse into itself… with seconds to only think this was the end and our death would be painless because of the implosion and disinegration of all life….

I have never had anything like this happen before…. any suggestions?

Asked by Kim

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I believe you were re living one if your past lives.
Have you ever tried meditation?. Google past life regression meditation will be amazed how many lives you have lived. Nothing to be afraid of. God is ALWAYS with you.

Kim I would also recommend chakra cleansing and/or any meditations as well as part of your daily routine. Best wishes.

Hi Kim,

Thankfully the future is never fixed, and some visions/dreams that we see are more about a challenge in our family, rather than the world being destroyed.

Do you often have visions? If this is not your first, have any others actually happened? What I do, when I ‘see’ something negative, whether in dreams or when waking, is DENY the possibility. Instead of focusing on the fear, I just keep saying ‘no, its not going to happen’, over and over, until I forget to. I know how frightening and weird some of them can be, but, unless you see this vision again, I would not focus too much of your energy on it.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Alright, I’m a Christian. I don’t believe any of this aura stuff. What I do believe is that prophet like visions occur. Stay clear of that hotel this year. It’s never too late to change a vision, they’re warnings. Hope I could help, thanks.