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Experiencing Weird Activity In My House

I am starting to experience weird activity in my house

So I live in a house built in 1925 we’re many people have lived. No one has died in the house but the other people that lived here are all dead now. One person that lived here was actually raped and murdered but not in the house.

I have lived here all of my life and never really experienced anything out of the ordinary. I know my parents have experienced things such as feeling the bed go down when no one’s there, hearing boxes being moved up on the second floor when no one else is in the house,feeling a hand on the shoulder, and hearing things like people crawling on the floor when no one’s there. But this was when I was really young and before I was born.

They said my mom and grandma went around the house with holy water and blessed it and every thing seemed to stop. But recently I have been experiencing things. It started when I was in my living room a few weeks ago studying and doing homework really late like 3 or 4. And I decided to sleep in there so i could wake up faster to drive to school. While I was trying to sleep I started to feel really cold and uneasy. I just pushed it aside thinking I was just over tired. Eventually I did fall asleep but I woke up like a half hour later because of some really weird and bad dreams. I still felt uneasy and went to look over at my laptop for the time. When I did I saw it open by itself very slow like but at a consistent speed till it was half open. I was stunned for a few seconds and then just ran back to my bedroom.

Another thing that’s happened was last week I was using the bathroom late at night and I heard creaking outside the door like one of my family members was waiting outside to use it. So I finished up expecting to see some one out there but when I opened the door but there was no one. And I know they just didn’t go back to bed because the time from me hearing it till opening the door was probably around 5 seconds. So I peeked in some rooms and everyone was dead asleep. After that I just felt really uneasy and went back to bed.

And just today right now I was in my basement playing an online video game with friends and I felt the urge to look behind me. So I did and saw the weight I had on the table roll by itself and crash to the floor. I know it just didn’t roll off, because it’s been there 3 days it weighs 50 pounds and it looked like it someone pushed it off because it was more of thrown off then rolled.

Has anyone had similar experiences or know what I should do.

Asked by James

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Hi James, It sounds like you have many portals open in your house. They need to be closed. Google is your friend. I also recommend buying sweet sage and holy wood. Cleanse your entire home. Again Google is your friend.
Also , reclaim your home. Talk to them and tell them this is my house,and you are not welcome here.I always keep a
white candle lit.

All said and done, I believe you are A Sensitive. Gifted.
Google poltergeist activity as well. Good luck and be safe. Do not show them fear