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Dream Of Lost Cat

My cat Sophia has been missing  since August 3rd 2015. a few days ago I had a dream that I was looking in a mirror but not at myself, I was looking at the cats in the reflection behind me. I have Sophia, Shawnee, Kaliber and the kitten Sophia hasn’t met yet, Yuki. the image in the mirror were Shawnee, Kaliber and Sophia.

I turned around the two cats were there but not Sophia. I checked twice image had Sophia but turned around and Sophia wasn’t there.

My question is does that mean she is still alive because spirits can’t see their reflection in the mirror but I could or does it mean she is dead or just lost?

I wonder if it has a meaning for me. I am very sensitive but when it is close to me I am usually too upset to read my intuition.

Asked by Biv Ouaco

Dream Of Missing Cat

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Dream Of Lost Cat

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Hello Biv,

I believe it means that Sophia has crossed over. It might have been a dream full of wishing that you had your cat family all back together, but its not unusual for people to dream of their loved ones like this .. or even to literally ‘see’ them in the mirror when they come to visit, to tell us they are just fine, and, in many ways, still around us.

I am very sorry for your loss. I have animals in spirit too, who I miss very much, but I know they are fine .. because they told me so after they died.

Love & Peace

my daughter had 2 dreams that sophia came home and she was happy. does that mean the same thing too? Is it possible she is still alive and both my dream and my daughters dream are just hopeful dreams. this is hard for me to accept. could my dream be wrong?

my daughter had another dream that sophia was grooming the new kitten she didn’t get a chance to meet. it sure does seem that all the pieces fit together. is there a way to inhance this gift so i could at least find sophias body or should i just keep putting up lost posters?

Let me tell you a story, actually, there are three.

Lucy cat lived with us for seven months before the day she spent waiting for me on the couch in the lounge room. When I came through the door from work she said .. I swear she said it outloud .. “I have to go now”. I even lunged for her and said “No!” loudly enough to startle my mother, as she shot away from me and out the catdoor .. that’s how I know she sat on the couch all day – my mother spent the day there too.

Three days later she came ‘home’ .. only home, at that point, was the first Healing Centre I had. She made her presence felt and seen there for many years, and when we moved to the second one she came with us. A little ghost cat at the top of the staircase who people would catch a glimpse of, or often her tail .. as if she had just streaked across the stairs. The “little black cat with the white triangle on her chest” .. so many times I heard that, so many times it comforted me that she was still around.

Then there was Tolly .. named after Tolkien, who wrote one of my favourite books .. he wasn’t very bright. One day he decided to hitch a lift in the truck parked next door for a few minutes. He ‘came home’ two nights later, yelling loudly as usual .. and my mother and I rushed out the backdoor together .. we could hear him calling, but we couldn’t see him, even if the sound was coming from right in front of our feet.

And lastly there was Cinnamon, who curled up behind my knees that night, and purred me to sleep. He’d got so old, and was so ill, that I’d taken him to the vet that afternoon and had him sent to heaven. But he came through the door, or perhaps the window, in a closed room, to give me some comfort for my breaking heart. He was such a treasure, had grown up looking after all of us, had been my son’s favourite .. or perhaps my son was his favourite, but after he left home Cinnamon started looking after my mother ..

So when you write that you dreamed that Sophia was grooming the kitten .. they come home where they are loved once they cross into heaven, and do the things they would normally do .. like sleep on my foot for 3 weeks after they died. Gus snored. He was, in many ways, my first dog. He adopted me about 30 minutes after I moved in with my now husband, and was my constant companion for four years until he died. He and I watched Meg, the grey matriarch of the cat family, walk across the kitchen one afternoon, even though she was buried under the apricot tree. When it was his turn, I am sure she was there to meet him .. they spent a lot of time together when they were living.

I would be delighted to be wrong. I would like to say ‘put up your posters’ .. do it if it makes you feel hopeful, but letting go is a life lesson, and sometimes its really hard to do .. I know – three years later I still miss Gus & Meg. At least they have each other.

BTW, I have never heard of spirits not being able to see their own reflections. I’ve heard it about vampires, but I doubt that’s true too. I’ve had a ghost or two love their reflection enough to stay on earth rather than crossing over, so I think that says that they can themselves if they want to. That you were blessed to see Sophia happy with your cat family is a real gift.

Animals are never lost or trapped the way that humans can be after they die. They do not have the egos we have, that demand we stay outside heaven for various reasons .. and they always love us and wish us to know that they are safe and happy .. which is what they want us to be.

Love & Peace

Your explanations were touching to read. Last night I dreamt my beloved Buffy who disappeared 12/6 returned home. She was happy and playful but when I thought back O remembered she was within a beautiful light. I miss her, and think she was letting me know she is fine-on the other side. We will one day,hopefully, be together again.

I am very glad that my post has comforted others. It is a beautiful thing. I got a new kitten and she was licking something on my bed stand and it was a picture of my Sophia on a lost cat poster. That and these posts are confirmation for me. God bless

My 2 yr. Old kitten León went missing on the night pf Dec. 2, 2016. He went out to his cat house to eat and half hour later when I called him back in the house only my other 2 yr. Old kitten returned. I figured León wanted to be out in the chilly weather but by morning the next day he wouldn’t have returned. I’ve been having recurring dreams that I find him and he is well. Until recently. I dreamt him twice a few days ago in the same night. He came came home but had dry blood on his front right leg and was a bit weak although hurt. Then again last night I dreamt him but he came out of nowhere in my dream. I wasn’t sure it was him until I checked him for a scar from a precious surgery he’d had. Sure enough it was León amd I was so excited that I picked him up and told my son I found León and headed to the vets office because León was weak and injured. I feel my kitty isn’t dead. I feel someone took him, but that he’ll eventually find his way home. Could my intuition be right and that’s why I’m dreaming about him or is it just that I miss him.

Call me crazy but I feel he is alive and is telling me to not loose hope and keep on looking for him. But I’m beginning to feel he is hurt and maybe even lost and wants me somehow to find him and bring him home.

My cat chewie went missing in may 2016 last night was the first time I dreamt of him. He looked older and he had hurt his paw I think someone took him because he never strayed far from home. I’m hoping this dream is telling me he’s on his way homex

My cat KitKat went missing around New Years. My mom had seen him run out of The fence because the dogs had chased him. Never seen him since, but I keep having dreams about him every so often, and my mom has had some too, where he’s outside and we let him in, or he’s just inside. Is he alive? I’m not sure and I’m very worried.

My cat Hunter went missing this past March. He was only 10 months old. He was allowed to be outside during the day while being supervised, and he never really left the yard. He just followed my brother Rick across the street to see our neighbor. One morning my grandfather was leaving for work, at 4 am and Hunter ran out. He was a mainly black cat so my father couldn’t see him and it was only a couple hours till morning Hunter should be fine. Except he never came home. But for the last week and a half I’ve had the same dream every night that Hunter returns, and have had them on and off since he disappeared. He’s always bigger in the dream, but lean. He looks physically good, and he acts the same way he did when he was a kitten. I’m hoping it means that someday he will come back to us

My kitty Hiro snuck out when one of my sons was letting another kitty of ours in at around midnight on 08/09, and he hasn’t been home since. He would always hang around and sleep in the front yard or porch bench with his Mom. My son and I have each dreamt that he came home.

I have been trying to start neutral and hopeful, praying and not get depressed. I miss my buddy, we got each other through the loss of his brother last year who was hit by a car. My son and I found him while walking his dog, Hiro was on a fence and saw that we found him. After that for 2 weeks he’d lay around, either sleeping or awake and lethargic, also wouldn’t eat.
The not knowing is harder than knowing something happened to him, which I do not feel.

I got a cat when I was 20, in 2004. Her name was Nismo and she was like my baby. I fell pregnant when I was 25 (2010) and we moved house and after a week in the new place, she disappeared. She used to persistently lick herself, it was an anxiety thing apparently. I always wondered if someone picked her up, thinking she was unwell, and had her put down, or if she got lost, ran away or was hurt.
Last night, I had a dream about her, that I was in the last house we lived in prior to the house she went missing from, and she was sleeping, curled up in the long grass out the front of the house. I remember walking up and thinking ‘oh my gosh Nismo, you’re ok!’ but when the cat looked at me, it wasn’t my cat.
What could this mean??

hello, this is for all. i have another cat missing. it is Sophias son Shawnee booboo. he cried for several weekes to go out at night and there are coyotes taking cats in our city so no. but finally i had a long talk with Shawnee how i love him and hugged and played he is very big main coone cat, then i let him out i thought to use the bathroom and said to him this better not be the last time i see you. i am afraid it might be. i hate the gift i have a feeling when it is the last time i ever see someone. i am very distraught. keep me in prayer if you can. i goota go now. i had a tough mourning nor morning today. bless all

I had a very smart outdoor cat naned Stutts. A very well loved looked after cat whose been missing since aug 15 2017.
Ive done all the missing ads postersand websites and shes gone. Shes a tuxwdo cat spayed an a good hunter mainly mouser. We have 3 other cats and 3 dogs big property and she loved to roam shes never gone .issing like this. Its been 6 weeks now and Ive had 2 very distinctive dreams about her that she comes running back to me and jumps up in my arms, she is one of my favs shes about 6 but Im wo dwring if in my dreams she coming to me to tell me to stop looking for her. I blame myself bc I bring them in at night bc of thr coyotes and other predators that could pose a danger on them. That night I didnt Id bern working long hours that month alone. I took dogs out for a pee and then went to bed. Do you think shes crossed over to the rainbow bridge I keep looking for her but Im afraid bc she was so friendly qoth my digs maybe she mistakenly thought a coyote was my dog and got caught off guard.

My cat went missing in October 2017, my mom, dad and I keep having dreams about him. It’s either he’s inside or he wants to come in. In one of the dream was all scratch up and had dry blood on him, but on the next night I had a dream about feeding him. So what do you think it means?

I had a dream within a dream
It was about my cat he went missing nearly a year ago. In my dream he was found and was returned he was so scared and not him self
But then I woke up and realised it was a dream I the. Woke up for real.
It all felt so real it woke up with tears and have been researching why I have had this dream? Is he trying to connect with me ? Has he passed away ? I’m so confused and it’s driving me crazy.
Thank you xx jennah

Hello. I was actually wondering the same thing. I had a reading the same night abouta lot of things and I had mentioned my deceased friend. Well after getting some closure I needed from him, I went to sleep that night. I had a dream about my cat Bellatrix whom went missing in February…. As I write this I still remember her purring and letting me pet her until finally said friend came and picked her up, and walked into a path of light as if she was telling me it was her time to go… Sort of piggybacking off of this but I need to know if she was actually telling me goodbye, or if it was only a dream or what…

Iam 42 yrs old.I lost my cat 24 years ago.
She was my life until this day I feel she has been only one to give me pure love.I don’t know how she vanished.But hadn’t really thought about her till last night.Her memories just kept coming to me like if she needed me or I needed her.After going to sleep I actually had dream of all memories. Woke up this morning of everything now I even feel guilty of not stopping her from leaving or possibly taken better care of her.Hopefully I understand what’s going on.

Hi there, came across this when I was looking up dreams of lost pets.
I lost my beautiful cat Turner around the end of September 2017. He never left the back yard, but just before I came back to visit my my parents he disappeared. He was only 1.5 years old, beautiful black and white male with a distinctive heart patch on his left shoulder. His patch looked photoshopped in all the pictures of him, people wouldn’t believe me when I showed them pictures of him.
I wa heartbroken when I found out he was missing, the whole village was looking for him right up until January this year. His posters were in every shop, school and bank…. but no luck. I have dreams of him and every time I wake up hopeful that we will find him. Last night I had another dream but it was different somehow.. I dreamt that out of nowhere a black young cat jumps up in my arms and starts kissing my face just like Turner used to do. But the cat was a female and looked nothing like Turner. And somehow in my dreams I realise that Turner was reborn and came back to me as a black kitten. I start kissing the cat back and suddenly there was a bright flash of light so strong it almost blinds me, and the kitty I had pressed against my chests turns white… in another couple of seconds I notice that it formed the same little heart patch on its left shoulder.. and for some reason it all made sense to me in my dream: that Turner will come back to me but he won’t look the same, that somehow our souls are connected and will find each other again.
Since Turner disappeared I couldn’t face adopting a new kitty, thinking I could never let Turner go… but maybe this just means that he will find his way back to me, I just have to wait. x

Our indoor cat, Stella, had accidentally gotten out twice before but both times she stuck close to the house. She snuck out on Tuesday 3/6/18 (today is 3/16/18) and hasn’t been back. She’s a tiny thing but very fast. I had a dream about her the night after she got out. In the dream, I went out on our breezeway and she was there and I picked her up and said “there you are, where have you been?” Except I never saw her face and it was fuzzy. I’ve dreamed of other cats (our outdoor cats) when they gone missing (we live in a very remote area in the mountains) but those have all felt like “visits”. This one didn’t but I’m not sure. My son said he had a dream about her too and her fur was all disheveled from being in the woods. Then last night, I dreamed she was laying in my bed with a litter of kittens (we had wondered if she was pregnant before she got out). The kittens looked healthy but she looked so tired. We’ve put up flyers and I’ve notified the shelter and vets office. We even had a search and rescue dog track her a bit but couldn’t go further due to other people’s property. I just don’t know if we should keep looking. Chances are something likely got her and she’s crossed over. But the not knowing is so hard.

Our kitten Tim Tim jumped the wall 6 days ago. We don’t know why but he probably was chasing something. We have asked neighbors if he was seen, yet to no avail. I’ve been having dreams and daydreams that he jumped back into the yard and ran inside. My brother got sleep paralysis a few nights after Tim Tim went missing. My mom has also been having dreams about him. What does it all mean?? Tim has a brother who has visibly depressed after his brother left and all he does is stare out the windows and sleep. I am worried because there are a lot of dogs in the area. Plus behind our house there is a giant street that is usually busy. I just want to know if these are coincidence or just dreams. In other words I just want my baby back.

My cat just went missing 2 days ago… and the day he went missing I had a sinking feeling that something was wrong … and he hasn’t come home. But that night I had a dream of him laying in my bed next to me , laying in my palm like he did every night… but I woke up to see nothing… I miss him, and I just want closure ..

My pet cat puddin has been missing for about 3 weeks now, and the last 2 days I’ve had dreams about him. The first one I’m in my room and he comes running up to my bed room window meowing I get up go to the window, he sees me and runs towards the front of the house like to let him in. The next night I dreamt of him but it wasn’t an image it was just his meow very loud, I’m kind of worried for him and I hope everything is okay, he’s still a baby in people years.

Hello Ashnicole,

If puddin has not come back by now, I do not think that he will. I think the dream means that he was saying goodbye. I had the experience of hearing Tolly’s meowing outside my study window one day, loud enough for my mother, who is very deaf, to hear it and race for the back door, just as I was also doing so. He had been missing for, I suppose, a week or more. We think he jumped into the back of a delivery truck to explore and ended up somewhere unknown and died. His voice was so LOUD, but I could not see him outside the window, which is why I headed to the door. He was not visible, but both my mother and I know he came for a visit and to say goodbye. I’ve had a few cats, and Gus the dog, do that over the years.

I would be delighted to be wrong, but I am very sorry for your loss. I have my cats too and they are ‘family’.

Love & Peace

I had a dream recently of a stray Tom cat that I used to feed periodically who went missing a few months ago. Last time I saw him, he had a hurt hind left leg. He had the prettiest eyes. I miss him so much. But I don’t think dreaming about them always means they passed over since dreams are never what they show themselves to be and full of symbolism. They come to you in dreams sometimes because you are thinking of them. Sometimes you will have dreams about things that are on your mind.