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Dream Inside A Dream After Visiting Abandoned Hospital

This has never happen to me before. I have heard voices in my sleep since I was a  child, but I have never had an experience like this.. I live in Allegan Michigan. Their is an old abandoned hospital called the John Robinson Hospital. The facility was supposedly frequented by Mafia figures such as Al Capone, the Prohibition-era Chicago mob boss, and his men when they needed medical attention or when they simply needed to get away from Chicago.Years later, it was used as an Eagles lodge, an Elks Lodge and in 2010 was acquired by an Allegan woman who began renovating the property but now wants to sell it.

People say their are Seven different paranormal entities are said to reside there. Kids that had TB, a caretaker that hung himself on the porch and a man that is called Tall Louie. Also the basement is a most negative area of the place.

I went there last night with my fiance because we wanted to walk around the building again and see if we got that “creepy feeling” again. we walked about the building and took pictures, one photo we took looks like a man standing in the window but I’m not quite sure if its just a reflection of a tree. Also their was foot prints in the snow, but…little kids feet without shoes, it very cold here to be without shoes. it was very strange. anyways sorry for my rambles, maybe you can help me understand more about what happen with my dream?…

I was relaxed and tired and quickly fell asleep. not sure what time it was but I was still sleeping but my head started tingling, nothing painful, like a numb feeling, but in my dream I was awake laying in bed by my fiance like normal, I caught a QUICK glimpse of a man,then after that I couldn’t see him. He said my name Katie, right in my ear clear as day, not a voice I’ve heard before. older about 30-40 years..guessing, he was calm but I was scared, I asked him what he wanted? why was he here? and the response I got was “light of orb” then I woke up. startled and confused. I went back to bed and the same thing happened but it wasn’t the guy in my last dream. my head felt fuzzy again. I was terrified in my dream, I was hugging my dog and my fiance, praying to god over and over again. This thing was demon.

I woke up thinking I was hugging my fiance but I wasn’t, I realized I was dreaming again… could the spirits followed me home? Was he trying to tell me something?  I’m so confused. I’ve heard voices here and their (not mentally ill) but I have never felt that fuzzy feeling before.

Asked by Katie

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Hi Katie,

Here are a lot of comments –

– the dream world is strange, particularly when we dream inside a dream .. but that does happen to people.
– yes, ghosts can follow you home, and they will want to communicate with you, which can be very confusing for a living person.
– the tingling might have been a part of astral travelling – which we all normally do, whether we are aware of it or not.

Truthfully, I think you were sharing either one or two ghosts’ experiences. The first being the man, the second being the being who made you so frightened. Ghosts feed on negative energy which they take from the living, so, of course, they want you to feel that way.

Feeling frightened does not make the entity you are experiencing a demon. You haven’t mentioned any other signs, so its more likely it was just a very nasty ghost.

Solution .. clear your energy, and don’t go back to the haunted house. You are obviously sensitive, and while it can be fun and fascinating, visiting haunted locations without appropriate energy shielding is like sticking a flag out saying ‘I’m here to take you home’, or “My energy is a good meal’. So don’t.

Clearing your energy .. scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and use it to clear yourself, and then your home, grounds and all. If you live in an apartment, clear the whole building and the ground as well.

And then ask your angels help to find the male ghost, and the other one, and cross them over – so that they don’t hurt for frighten anyone else.

“Archangel Michael, please Find the male ghost and the other entity that I experienced in my sleep on …. (whatever night) and Take them into healing”. The Michael know what to do. They will find the entities and make sure they don’t bother the living again .. and the good part is .. you’ll be helping to set them free.

And then .. use the Invocation to clear the Hospital (just use the address) and send all the lost souls to the place they really should be .. they went their looking for peace. Help them find it.

Love & Peace

I am from Grand Rapids and was a police psychic quite some time ago. I’ve also spent some time in Allegan.

I’m not familiar with that particular house but I know Allegan has had a number of various paranormal instances over the years.

I know to my satisfaction that Al Capone has been in the Gun Lake area with rumored car treasure sinkings in the lake. So, he very well may have been to that hospital.

He was known to have had a secret summer home on Gun Lake. (As least well known to Chicagoans.)