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Doors Slamming And Voices In Old Hospice House

I work in a house that was a hospice house about eight years ago. It is now for Parkinson’s. We have had to have a man come and look around to sense what is here and why but we don’t have a clue what or why this happens.

Doors slamming, voice telling me to get out of here. There was a grumpy angry man that lived and died here.

Tonight I was telling him to grow up and get out. Very angry. Mostly that he terrified me last night by yelling at me to leave.

Asked by Deb

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Hello Deb,
You mentioned that someone did a walk through; what did they say? what was their assessment of the place? who were they? Were they a Psychic or Medium?
As far as what is going on there it sounds like a classic haunting by a lost soul who clearly wants your attention, either to settle unfinished business or more than likely to spike fear in you so that it can get a bit of an energy feeding from you. You see, the lost don’t belong on this plane and need to be crossed over into the Light for healing before their next carnal journey. It is unhealthy for you, your patients in the home and the lost soul for him/her to hang about. They no longer have a physical body and need to feed on the energy of the living to exist on our plane. What you need to do is send them Home and to do this you need to go to the bottom of this page and find The Michael Invocation. Read the words and say the words OUT LOUD with meaning and The Arch Angel Michael will find this soul, wrap them in Love and Light and return them Home! Best of luck and keep us posted! My name is Luna Terra and I can be found on here for now, as well as my good friend, Ama Nazra, both of us are Psychic Mediums and spirit Rescuers and you can find Ama’s info at the bottom as well; she is the author of The Michael Invocation. Peace, Love and Light. Luna Terra

Hi Tanaya,

There is no reason why people don’t respond to questions, except me .. life circumstances have been chaotic for the past couple of months, so I am behind in answering, but I will catch up.

I love it when Luna and Micele, and anyone else for that matter, decides to answer questions, or ask more. I am not supposed to be the only person answering paranormal questions here.

Wishing everyone well,
Love & Peace

Good answer Luna, thank you.

Hi Deb,

I always feel sorry for the lost and frightened. I wonder if the ghost belongs to the house, or if it simply wandered in. It definitely has no manners. I don’t think yelling at it will help, since it can simply ignore you, and might become more aggressive .. think of it this way .. it probably believes that you are a burglar and have no right to be in ‘his’ house.

As Luna said, the Michael Invocation should fix the situation .. and I’ll be interested to know what the person who ‘walked through’ said about the situation too?

Love & Peace

Hello Tanaya,
I tend to go to the questions Spirit guides me to and the ones I know I have an answer for. Also, I do like to spend some time in the living world as well as here in the paranormal. I try my best, when I come on here to answer the questions that I am able, so give me some time; I will get to them! 😉 Do you have a specific question on here you were hoping to get an answer for?

Also, I have had more of a need lately to be in the land of the living, but that doesn’t mean that the ghostly paranormal world doesn’t summon me!! I am working on finding balance! It isn”t healthy to spend too much time in one over the other! There are many things, for me, that are still developing and things that go on in my own home as well!! I don’t just deal with the ghosties on here! 😉😜 But I will be checking in here more often and NO Ama, you are not expected to be the only one to answer!! Would be nice if there were more of us on here to answer questions for those in need!! Maybe we need to recruit? LOL!

There was no need to explain yourselves and Ama there was no need to get defensive, I didn’t at any point say that you’re suppose to be the only one to respond to questions? So I’m not too sure where you got that idea from, but okay.
I thought I asked a simple question? I wasnt attacking anyone :/ lol.
I’m not sure if either of you are aware but It’s extremely hard to find people who share similar experiences as me or let alone understand stuff that isn’t often understood, so I’m eager to connect with others. That is all. I posted a question weeks ago and so I was waiting for someone to respond, that’s all.

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