Demons In Human Form?

From a person who is new to some paranormal things related to demons and such I’ve seen through the Internet that all of the demonologists I’ve read their answers to paranormal questions till now believe that demons lie and are not capable of loving or protecting a human and they only want to harm here comes my question.

These days it’s not something new to see people acting like what you explain for demons, at least not to me… they lie without feeling guilty, they kill, they hate, they only care about themselves, etc. and here demonology is talking about demons like they’re the only creatures that are horrible and reading their articles makes me sick, like they are talking with such hate about another creature then add ‘love & peace’ at the end of their comments.

It’s like humans now days are more like demons sometimes it makes me wonder it they are really demons. I mean like demons in human form… then again if not why do people (those who believe in paranormal stuff) only blame demons while humans are more horrible? Why only hunting demons when humans are beginning to drown in more hate and lies and killing each other?

I believe that demons you should truly haunt are walking freely in streets not hiding in shadows and attics.


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My mom always called my grandma the demon lady and tod me a story that my grandma metamorphic into a man in front of her as a kid. Well when my grandma died they put her chair in the backyard and I was watching TV one night not to dark yet when I saw a demon come through the glass sliding door like it was looking weak and holding onto the side wall of the doors like it was looking for someone to live in like it can’t lie outside a body for long anyway I was scared but what can I do other than pray an tell it to go back to hell? After that day I’d get dressed and and hear a man whispering from m
Y closet sound like a pervert really pedophilia voice. And my aunts bf began staying up late in the room I would watch TV in he would sit where I sit and watch TV then when I went to go in he said oh you trying to watch something? In a creep tone he also bean drinking heavily and smoking non stop he did it be for my but to that extend and when he left out the room to let me watch TV he went to my grandma’s room (she died in that room) and would watch hell boy movie in their and be cracking up at people being getting killed. And he started sleeping in her bed that she died in i found out we I went in her room because I heard voices and he was laying their in bed. When he wasn’t over my aunt would start closing my grandma’s door and she would run from her room to the bathroom which was across from my grandma’s room. My grandma was very mean and I had nightmares for past year since she passed.

Hello Raven,

I agree that people act horribly at times, but for the most part they are capable of loving actions too. Demons are not. Demons only play games with people, boosting their egos, saying they love them, giving them anything they want .. until they weave a web around them that traps the person inside, to make them feel alone, abandoned, frightened and helpless. And the web and abuse gets tighter and tighter until the living can no longer ‘live’ within their bodies, as their will, their right to choose and control their lives, is taken away from them .. and some people end up watching their bodies destroy other people, and some simply get locked away in insane asylums … Sadly, some of the living do this to other people as well, and we have to wonder why.

The difference between a demon and a human is that the human has the capacity to Love, which the demon does not. Regardless of kind words and thoughtful acts, in the end demons hate humanity and despise us for our connection to the energy they rejected and denied .. which some people call God. When the angels were given to humanity for their service, some chose to reject this and in doing so, turning their back on unconditional Love, they cast themselves into the energy of negativity, the opposite of Love and became demons. They now use love as a tool to turn and twist about as they abuse their victims into insanity.

Are there demons in human skin? No. For a demon to be redeemed .. which means ‘return to heaven’ and the unconditional Love of God (by whatever name), they first have to make the choice to change. It is not easy, but many of them do it. They return to God, which asks that they redeem themselves by serving humanity again, but never as angels because they cannot become that form again, nor as demons, since they shed that skin, instead they live ‘human’ lives, on the karma cycle, just as human spirits do. It can be a long, slow and painful journey, both for the redeemed being and the living around them, as they start out ‘life’ as some very nasty individuals, but over many lifetimes they return to a state of Love & Peace, and from there they find that Love & Peace they need within themselves, and in that way set themselves free. They will never be angels again, they will not be demons, but since they are in service to the Christ Light, they are called ‘Children of Light’ (COLs for short). A COL has the benefit of a touch of angel energy, a touch of demonic desire to break all the rules, and the free will humanity was blessed with, which is another reason why the demons chose to ‘fall’. It is that free will that humanity abuses when it, she or he, chooses to harm another, or instead chooses to Love another, and to Forgive, which releases us each from our captivity – so when you stand in anger and judgment at humanity for its behaviour, remember you are looking also at yourself – for humanity is a collective consciousness, just as the angels are .. but to be a demon is to live in silence, knowing something is missing, and to seek to steal it from others .. something they will never do.

And if I sign my messages with Love & Peace, it is because I wish that for all beings, no matter what their nature. They cannot hide from me, anymore than I can hide from them .. because in the end we are all one energy – one being, creations of the Creator.

Your demon ‘friend’ is lying to you, or if you think you are still a demon, you are not. And if I could stop every violent act, every thoughtless word or gesture, I would .. either way, we both walk the path of the Spiritual Warrior, but do you walk it in peace?

Love & Peace
The Demonologist.

Hello Hi,

You asked a question on another answer site and received a good answer there.

In the meantime, just because your aunt’s boyfriend is drinking and behaving badly in the house, it doesn’t mean he is possessed by any demons. But it might be wise just to keep away from him.

You don’t say how old you are? Have you spoken to your mother about what you saw? Or to your aunt? It might be a good idea, before anything else happens.

To me simple answer the voices etc in the house would be to have the house blessed by a priest or minister from your local church, or to scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and use that to clear your home. There’s also a link to White Light Shields, which you should learn and use, to keep yourself safe from the entities that you see from time to time.

Love & Peace

~ I know you have many questions in one post and you want answers to them but there is alot to explain so let me go step by step .
~ We may or may have not confirmed the existence of other beings but in any case we do not know how they work or what they are , depends on who you ask .
~ Demons , demons as a concept were supposed to be the bad guy in the first place lets take a trip in history ancient demons were not separate creatures , in antiquity demons were our own negative thoughts but were just named and with the time began to be treated as separate kind of entities .
~ The world is not black or white im sure you heard that is more like a mix of grey tones , ”bad” and ”good” exist but humans have this tremendous ego that stops them from seeing their own mistakes . People get hurt with the truth and facts no one wants to be called out for something they did intentionally or not so the easiest way to protect that fragile ego of the human race its just to blame others instead thats why god appeared thats why demons appeared its just easier to ask for something and expect to be given instead of working for it , it is easiest to blame others than assume responsibility it is easiest to dream of a fantasy immortal and perfect world after death that by right you have to be given allowance to entry all that is easier than just living and accepting reality , people find comfort in something that they are assured to be given and last forever they find comfort in hearing its not their fault .
~ That my Dear is the reason human race does not advance and that is also why demons are called bad and they are at fault for everything bad because aparently all this ALLPOWERFULL gods in all this religions tend to just let such creatures alive and not restrict all their actions or just eliminate them . Because humans need a bad guy and a good guy no tones of grey just white or black thats why .

Im sincerely sorry if you did not expected such an answer but its the truth or at least part of it and either you like my words or not , accept their meaning in this message or not it is up to you after all i cannot make you , only you make yourself . Also dont hate on nobody for being stupid thats a common trait of humans what did you expected lolz xD

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