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Dog-Headed Man?

I need help understanding what I saw.

Okay so, I woke up one night probably around 3 (which rarely ever happened) I was afraid of the dark and I guess my foster parents shut off my light while I was sleeping so me being awake I decided to just turn on my light and read until I felt tired again.

I reached over to my right towards the light switch and was staring at the ground when I seen something.. Dog paws.

I was thinking wtf and I looked a little higher to see it was a pug and beside it I seen some formal dress shoes.

I looked a little higher to see that the person standing beside the dog was wearing a tux with a red bow tie.
My first thought was why there was a guy in my room, and why was he standing beside my bed?

I finally took a look at his face expecting it to be my foster dad (He usually came into my room at night to take the garbage out) but instead made eye contact with a guy with a pug face.

That sounds weird but it he literally had a pug face. He was really tall too. My guess was around 7 feet tall.

I sat up and just kinda looking at them. Both him and his dog cocked their head at me and disappeared.

I sat there and couldn’t understand what just happened.

I went online and couldn’t find anything so I was kinda wondering if someone else had the same or some what similar situation.

Asked by Alyssa

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Hi Alyssa,

What had you been reading before you had this experience? Are you sure you were awake? … that might seem like a strange question, but sometimes we can dream we are awake while we are asleep.

This is not the first time that I have read about people seeing dog face humanoid figures, with or without tuxedos. No one knew who they were then, nor have I read any explanation since, but other animal faced entities have existed longer than humanity has, if you trust mythology as a source of some very interesting information, so seeing this character might not be surprising. My next thought would have to be ‘what was he doing appearing to you’ .. which is why I asked the first question about what you had been reading. If you were interested in pug dogs, and had been reading about them, or watching dvds etc, they might be part of your conscious or subconscious thoughts, and they can appear in our dreams at unexpected times.

Which leads to the thought that if there was a ‘god’ of dogs, I wonder what he would look like? And why a tuxedo?

And then there is the question of parallel universes, and whether you just appeared as a ghost in theirs?

Not helpful, but you did have a fascinating experience. I hope you wrote everything you remembered down straight away, because our memories can change over time, and an experience like that is definitely worth preserving as close to accurately as you can .. in case a real explanation appears, such as a dimensional door, sometime in your future.

Love & Peace

I don’t know if this was a dream or not, although, there is such a thing as Cynocephalus – The Dog-Headed Men. They do have many different dog and wolf like appearances. As to what this one, if it did really happen, I can’t say. I’ve never dealt with one before, it doesn’t mean I won’t in the future.

This link will send you to a site describing them.

http:// dogman-monsters-are-real. (remove the spaces in the link after you copy/paste it into a web browser (Moderator)

It’s actually a very old Jewish and Christian belief that these things actually exist. There is a distinct possibility as the God and demi-Gods of Egypt also have similar animal headed creatures, the most well known with a Jackal head was Anubis but there were many others.