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My Late Husband

My husband passed away 12 years ago but I still think tons of him. Anyhow not long ago I was going through some very difficult time and I went to bed crying and very sad. I fell to sleep and I had the most vivid dream I ever had.

I dream that I woke up and got out of my bed and walked to the kitchen and I saw Charles standing there smiling, he was in tee shirt, shots and barefooted just like when he was home and he didn’t looked sick at all, when I saw him I felt very happy and I asked what was he doing but he never spoke, he hugged me and it was so real and I said to him that I didn’t want to wake up because I wanted to be with him, as I said that I awoke in my bed and everything was dark but I felt like he had been here with me.

I went out of bed drank water and then went back to bead and as I was falling to sleep I felt like if someone sat on the side of my bed. I sat on the bed and it was gone. Then early in the morning it was a windy morning and I went to walk my dog as everyday but some revolving clouds caught my eye so I stood there watching and I saw this cloud forming in the shape of my husbands face. I even took a picture and since then I wonder if it really happened or I imagined all and the cloud was just a coincidence. 50 and 50 percent.

Thank you for reading


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Hello Patricia,

What a lovely visit you had from your husband. He came when you needed him, as our family in spirit does when we are hurting. He gave you comfort in your dream, and showed you he was still there after you woke in your body again. The clouds are another way we can see those we love, though sometimes what we see if influenced by our thoughts .. we turn familiar shapes into images in our minds .. but that doesn’t matter, because of what went before for you.

Remember, you are always loved. I believe this was a reminder.
Love & Peace

Hi Patricia,

It was his way of telling you he still loves you and he is fine, maybe even to remember him the way he was before he died when he was happy and healthy in his own home. Now he is at peace in a new “home”. A good experience. 🙂