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Does This Seem Paranormal To You?

Hello I’m Courtney and about a year and half ago I moved with my mom into her boyfriend’s house and just about five months ago my bedroom door would open own it’s own and shut. It’ll do this all night and the floors will makes sounds as if someone was waking on them my mother said she has saw faces and man before in the bathroom.

This house is 120 years old maybe old they have been more people say this house is haunted but I just wanna know for sure cause if it is I might pack my stuff and leave.

Okay when I’m at my dads I also feel like something is watching me and floors start making is this thing fowling me? I need answer to the stuff I can’t see?

Asked by Courtney

One reply on “Does This Seem Paranormal To You?”

Hi Courtney,

Scroll down to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and use it twice, once to clear yourself, and then to clear your home.

Ghosts are real. They are also a real pain at times. They often don’t mean to be, but sometimes they like to frighten people because the energy the living produce is delicious. They have fun doing it, just like small children playing ‘you can’t see me’ with their hands over their eyes. The problem is, they are dead and should not be haunting houses and people, so setting them free is a really good thing to for them, and you. After that you shouldn’t ‘sense’ them, but since it is a psychic gift, you might do this all your life .. like me.

Love & Peace