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Seeing Yourself During Certain Situations

Recently I had a ball joint and axle go on my vehicle and my front end jumped 8 times down the road before I got it stopped. During this time, I didn’t see out of my windshield.

The whole time until I stopped, I seen myself, except from what I can describe as someone elses point of view from my left side. Without seeing the road or anything else, I pretty much watched myself get my vehicle under control.

Its a little hard to explain, but its happened a couple times before, usually in bad situations. I was hoping someone could give me a little insight on what this could be.

Asked by Benji

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Hi Benji,

There’s an energy called a ‘crisis apparition’ that sometimes appears when something tragic or dramatic happens, or when a person is frightened or in shock. I remember a number of ‘ghost’ stories I read about them over the years. What happens is that a part of a person’s spirit slips sideways (in a sense) to ‘watch’ the scene unfolding. It is still attached to the living person, but if they die it might remain, helping to create an emotional memory of the event in the location that it happened.

Then there is ‘astral travelling’, where a person’s spirit slips from their body and goes visiting .. you’ll read plenty of those stories on the internet. Many people have watched their own operations, or learned to travel at will .. and been able to view themselves sleeping before slipping back into their body again.

You got to see yourself survive. While weird, that is wonderful. You might be a great candidate to learn to astral travel at will. It can be a wonderful way to travel the world .. saves on plane fares. I once went to China that way. 🙂

Love & Peace,