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Does This Attract Ghosts And Shield Questions Too

If you ask Archangel Michael to find and take ghosts into healing, will it attract more ghosts to you?

How often should you rebuild your psychic shields? I make mine in the morning right when I wake up.

How long does a shield last after you make it? I was worried as ghost could just walk right on through into my home if I don’t have shields up at night.

Asked by Micle

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Hello Micle,

If you clear negativity from your energy you’ll find you attract less ghosts, so the Michael Invocation helps to keep them away.

Psychic shields .. I put one in place for 72 hours and then renew it each day, when I use them. Doing it under the shower, or at the same time each day, is a good habit to get into. When you do it under the shower you can ask the water to wash, not only over your body, but through your energy as well, to give a good clean .. and shield either before or after it, to stay that way. Then the only emotions that will be bugging you are your own.

The shield lasts as long as you want it to .. but its a good habit to renew it daily, while you feel the need to have it. We don’t have to live inside shields to be safe, unless we are constantly haunted. We just need to be vigilant and remember to clear our energy regularly.

Love & Peace

How do you make your shields last a longer amount of time? Do you just ask the shield itself to last for 72 hours?
With the water, you just ask like this, “The water coming out of the showerhead, wash through my energy”. Something like that? It sounds relaxing to do!

“Energy follows thought” Micle. It’s a metaphysical belief, and in my case, its a fact. I test the theories, being a great sceptic.

So a shield created to remain in place remains in place for the amount of time I decide it does.

And the shower washing ‘through’ you is wonderful. Give it a go. It does make a difference.

I say “let the water wash through my energy” .. and since my energy is around, and inside, my body .. everything gets washed. 🙂

Love & Peace

Wait, I just realized something about the water thing. Do you tell/ask Archangel Michael “let the water wash through my energy” or do you say that to the water?

So if you do ask Michael to cross over ghosts, that won’t attract ghosts and other negative entities to you? I am assuming no, because it says in the invocation to find lost souls and take them Home. I was just wondering because I’d like to get rid of any ghosts in my area.

Hi Micle,

You are correct; asking for ghosts to be sent into healing does not attract more ghosts to you. Worrying that you might be haunted, ‘might’ attract them, but the Michael Invocation clears them into a safe place for everyone.

Love & Peace

And it also won t attract negative entities to you, right? Sorry for repeating the same questions!

Asking archangel Michael to find and take ghosts into healing, would that attract negative entities to you?

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