Pleiadians And Other Aliens

Does anyone have accurate information about Pleiadians and other aliens? I’d love to learn more about them.

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Hmm.. the Pleiadian spirit guide I met had blue skin (and her sister, who was having a human lifetime, looked just like the rest of us) – just commenting on someone’s comment about the Pleiadian’s having white skin, in the article that you posted Caretaker.

Personally, I believe aliens exist, (I’ve also seen what might have been a spaceship go from stationary to high speed at a 45% angle .. in mid-air of course) simply because the logic of thinking we are the only conscious beings in the whole universe is too ridiculous for words. And since there are so many different types of ‘beings’ that I have experienced just on ‘this’ planet, it would be fascinating to go and visit other worlds and see who is there. Since I have never actually asked one about their motives, I have no idea what their intentions are .. but I do know the blue lady loved her sister and was helping her during this lifetime .. as a spirit guide does.

This is not my field of interest, but it is still fascinating, so I’d love to read other people’s opinions as well. And any experiences they might have.

Love & Peace

I know I have told you, Ama, about my UFO/alien visit when I was suicidal. I was very depressed and I had asked for Archangel Michael to “take me Home when I sleep” and then a UFO popped up next to my window and the aliens (who looked like white people and the 2 males in front looked like the Michael angel on this link I heard the ‘people’ on that UFO (or bright light really, it looked like a shining star outside my window) saying my name and crying about me. Then they said “Please don’t leave” and they vanished as soon as I got frightened of them.

I’d also love to hear other people’s UFO or alien stories, I can’t be the only to have had them come so close.

Unless they were angels on that “star” ship, but that doesn’t explain why they were crying since angels don’t cry (at least I think they don’t). Oh and btw, they all looked like regular white people onboard.

I actually found this photo while on a different website. Does this look real? What is that orb or light that is shining behind the creature?

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