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Do Ghosts Follow You?

I’ve always been sensitive to ghosts/spirits since about age 15. at times, I hear things that others do not. I have never seen an apparition or ghost but I’ve felt them touch and/or put pressure on my body. never anything painful. me and my husband have been having problems with this from august 2009 thru December 2011. we bought a house in GA on may 1st, 2012; so far, no ghosts. do ghosts follow you from house to house? if so, then why? especially if you do not seem to know who they are? how do they travel with you? do they latch on to your personal possessions or do they just appear at each new house? the previous homes were rentals. we now live in our own home. any help would be deeply appreciate. thank you.

Asked by Anita

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hi anita!

i watched in a program that ghosts seem to get attached to humans as well as objects, so maybe u own something, that u bought somewhere….and since it belonged to people long dead, they are still attached to it,maybe? eg, ghosts of a kid attached to a toy bought at some fare(that was what i watched)

hello SHREESA!

i appreciate your interesting suggestions to my questions regarding spirit/ghost attachment and subsequent travel with us.

thank you very much for your help.

sorry i got back to you so late; illness in the family.


hi Shreesa!

no, no activity. i took Ama’s advice and kept my thoughts and fears in check. thanks for asking!

Hi Anita,

Yes, a ghost might follow you from place to place, but it also might not. Ghosts are people too, they just don’t have a body anymore. They are still drawn to the same people and places they remember from when they are alive, but they are also now drawn to our emotions, feelings, thoughts, beliefs and fears. It’s not about them knowing who you are, or you knowing who they are .. its about our energy (negativity), which feeds them.

They can latch onto our auras, or even get inside them if we do foolish things like abusing our body with illegal substances, or they can follow the energy our bodies produce 24 hours a day, 7 days a week .. but as I said .. they often don’t.

Don’t invite ghosts into the house by thinking that you are going to be haunted again. You create an opportunity there you really don’t want. The saying ‘energy follows thought’ is very true. We create our reality, and unfriendly entities love to take advantage if they can.

Here’s something else to help too. At the bottom of this page (under Pages) is White Light Shields. Follow the link to my website, learn the ‘houseshields’ and use them. They keep spooks out of the house too.

And then stop worrying. Create a new ‘ghost free’ reality in your mind, and let it become real in the ‘now’.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

dear Ama,

thank you so much for your insightful and knowledgable explanation. i shall learn how to use the White Light Shields immediately.



Basically majority of people ,they encounter an invisible being or feel them suppose they have seen or fell a ghost but it is not so and in fact they have encountered a demon ,of cours sometime ,some persons see or feel a ghost but it is very seldom

hello Mans!

you know, everything you mentioned either makes sense to me and/or has happened to me. like i said in my post, this has occurred in the past 3 rentals we’ve lived in. the 3rd apartment was the worst for angry entities. in fact, in that last apartment, my husband saw an apparition of a beautiful young woman walk down our stairs from the bedrooms/bath to the living room. he was just sitting on his reclincer, minding his own business. she looked to be in 1920s dress, partially dense but you could actually see through her, too. she fully disappeared by the time she walked onto the very last step that goes into the living room. a few months before we moved, however, some of the spirits were more intimidating and loud. rattling dishes in the sink, bouncing hard-type of balls in the cupboards above the refrigerator, finding pools of water on the kitchen floor, and touching my neck from behind me.

I never deny what you explained, but do you know demons and demonesses sometime appear in the shape of a human or other beings ? The advantage of demons age is about 2000 years old. Sometime they live in a house (or similar places) for many years, specially in the old houses. May they appear with old people’s clothing , so it is not far of thought which that woman had been a demoness. Previously, I had sent a real story about a demoness she had appeared to a man and requested to marry him.

Mans, i have been thinking about what you said for weeks now. i never thought this young woman, as my husband described her, to be a demoness. but maybe she was? needless to say, i’m sick of them. i don’t even think about that stuff in relation to my new house because i believe what Ama told me is correct and i choose to not be negative. i didn’t know that i had been negative, before, but like i have said, i’ve been sensitive since i was in my mid-teens. i was just initially frightened with questions when i first posted because i didn’t know that Savannah was one of the most haunted cities in America!

Hi guys,

There are truly more ghosts than there are demons, and the intent of demons is to cause people great harm, they try to drive them insane, they just don’t hang about ‘haunting’ them.

Every culture has a different opinon on what is a ghost and what it isn’t. Some societies think everything metaphysical is a demon, and some separate them into categories the way I do. It’s all a matter of opinion.

A lady ghost from the 1920’s, or the 1800’s, is just that. A demon may look like a human, or try to, but there will always be some sort of distortion of the body or face that will make you aware that its not simply a ghost.

There is a lot of mythology around demons. Basically they are always evil. It’s much better to see them this way, and not interact with them, than take your chances on one and find out later you have tied yourself to something that will never let you alone. There are plenty of entities out there that aren’t evil, simply different. Being cautious at any time is important.

Love & Peace

hello Mans!

thank you for your prompt reply.

in apartment #1, we saw a beautiful golden orb about the size of those Leggs panty hose containers that are egg-shaped.

that, along with many other things that were constantly going on, made us to start to believe we weren’t playing with a full deck of cards.

so one night, we bought a web cam, hooked it up to the computer and waited.

needless to say, we caught spirit on that video camera but i won’t go into all of that!

once, my husband saw a black, triangular entity float from the livingroom, then through the wall (into the bedroom) and then into the next apartment. it was about 3 ft. high and was elevated about 1 ft. off the carpet. it moved rapidly! i was with him but did not see this phenomena.

we’ve been through so much of this and i do not wish it on my worst ememy.

i moved into our own house with a positive attitude. no ghosts, no more days and nights of being afraid to be in my own home and ultimately prepared to open my Bible and demand immediate departure from my house if i sensed them.

Ama’s advice and wisdom confirmed what i already knew and this made me feel a lot better.

my original question to the community was simple and i needed as many answers, advice and validation that i could get.

leave it to me to move to one of the most haunted cities in the USA! i live about 17 miles outside of Savannah, GA.

i thank all of you who helped me.

Absolutely. I have them follow me all the time. Many times i have pulled over in my car and told them to leave. I do not allow them to come home with me.

Bravo Janet prevent the ghost come to your home because they will go to fridge and eat all your foods lool

Yesterday my granddaughter saw a shadow in the glass of a painting on the wall. As the ghost got to the other side of the room, a large trash bag fell to the ground. We assume the ghost dropped it because no one was near it and the way it was leaning, it couldn’t have fallen by it self. One day our dog just kept barking at a corner in my house and then the lights in one room started turn on by themselves even as we sat there watching them. Another night, my dog just started growling for no reason. But the strangest thing was when I went to the store and passed by this women and heard the name Rosemary. I thought to myself, why would I think that name. I dismissed it, but them I got home, I went online to pay a bill. My husband and I are estranged. But the bill is in him name, so I opened the bill and saw the name Rosemary inserted as “spouse or domestic partner”. I called him to find out who she was, but he would not take my call, then I found out that he had just moved into his girlfriends house and later I found out that her name was Rosemary. This “ghost” I assume follows me from house to house, but must go where I go, like the store. I have detected it in at least 3 houses that I have lived in. Is it the ghost that gave me the name of my husbands girlfriend and why would this ghost do that. This ghost must like me to follow me around and to let me know my estranged husband had a girlfriend. At least I think it was the ghost that gave me the name. I do have insights to things but this is one of the strangest way to find out about your estranged husband. Thank you for your help and what shall I do to let this ghost go?? Do you think it is someone I know???

Hello Dolores,

Just going by what you wrote, I think its very unlikely that a ghost told you the name of your ex’s girlfriend. Do you remember what you were thinking about at the time you heard the name? If you were consciously thinking about your ex ‘having’ a girlfriend, and wondering what her name was, the name popping into your hearing/mind could be from your angels, rather than a wandering ghost, even if it might be attached to you.

If the ghost hasn’t told you who it is by now, its unlikely that it was someone you knew. Usually a family member, or friend, will make their presence known through dreams or other signs of their presence – things that would remind you of whomever they were. A ghost that can knock things down has usually been dead for quite a few years, and as most ghosts get angrier as they ‘age’ in the void, its better they do not hang around forever.

To remove the ghost I would suggest you use the Michael Invocation that you can find at the bottom of this page. The instructions are on the webpage. It’s very easy to do, and will help the ghost cross into heaven, which is where its supposed to be.

Any problems and you can email me from a link on that page.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Please 11 and there was two suiseds in my home.and now when I go to my dads there is some shadow looking through his door and then it goes away.this only happends when Im here.what does it mean.why did the ghost pick me other then my two sisters or my mom.

Hello Anonymous,

I have some questions.

Do you have two ghosts of people who committed suicide in your home, and you can see them, and they are upsetting you? Or is it just something you know about? Not all people who commit suicide become ghosts, but some do.

At your dad’s place – can you describe the shadow? Is it solid like a person, or flat, like a shadow on the wall? Does it stand in the doorway for you to see it, or poke its head through the doorway, or through the door itself? Does it seem to see you?

I am not sure its that the ghost ‘picked’ you, but instead, that you are the only person in the family who can ‘see’ ghosts. Have you told your parents about this, and asked for their help?

In the meantime, if you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you’ll see a link to the Michael Invocation. Go to the webpage, read it and ask your parents to too .. and then ask each of them, in each house, to say it with you, to clear the ghosts out.

I am not sure how your parents will respond to knowing you can see ghosts, but you might find out they can do it too .. or one of your grandparents could. It is no longer an usual gift .. its just a pain sometimes. I can see them too, and I was the only one in my family who could, when I was a child. Now my daughter can too.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

I know this might have nothing to do with Anita but I have a friend and she is 18 now. A year ago when I met her she’s been telling me about crazy things that’s been happening. She tells me that she feels a man that she saw when she lived in a foster care has been following her since. She says that she’s been told he wants to posses her. Is this possible?

Hello Anonymous,

It would be nice to know your first name.

Ghosts ‘attach’ more than possess people. To possess a person’s body you have to break their will, basically swish them down into nothing, and even the weakest person will try to stop this. It’s a long difficult process, or should be. Illegal drugs and a few other things can make it easier, so its best to avoid them.

A ghost might attach to a person and try and influence their behaviour. I would suggest your friend go to the Michael Invocation webpages (the link is at the bottom of this page) and say the Invocation, so that whomever is following her can be ‘found’ and taken into a healing place .. to learn to behave better. Once a ghost stops feeling so frightened, they turn back into their true spiritual self, not the half-being they are when they are trapped between heaven and earth.

Read the page, copy it out for your friend, and give it to her. It will help.

Love & Peace

I live in a bad trailor its 20years old I’m renting it I will be moving soon. I hear things all the time in this trailor I mostly hear voices music TV etc. It annoys me to hear these things coming from the walls notched and dinning room. Sounds like a family kids grown ups n a baby crying now n then. One day I was at the sink making my baby a bottle. I did not hear or see anything but I feel all the time someone is always behind me well as I filled it half way this key chain pocket knife thing flew off the wall toward me but it missed cuz when I turned around it decided to fly downward hit the corner of the counter n hit the floor ended by the drawers. I was frightened grabbed my son and took off outside two minutes later I come back inside and its a foot away from wear it was it was now on the carpet by the broom. I don’t clearly remember a shoe print but it was some foot print maybe a size ten men’s shoe. My husband wears a twelve in shoe or thirteen. This house creeps me out. I do get violent out of nowhere for no reason every now and then. I buy a lot of our stuff from a junk store cause it costs less. We are a poor family. I hear them more around late evening up until 5a.m…my husband says its all in my head and he doesn’t believe in those.

Hello good afternoon. I use to live in a house that was built in the 1800’s. A family lived there with two children. There was a female slave that worked there. She apparently got pregnant by the man of the house. The slave was pushed down the well on the side of the house.
The house was sold to a doctor that used the house as a hospital for the ill. After the doctor passed away the house was then sold to a funeral director.
And then my roommate at the time bought the beautiful Victorian home. As my dad and brother in law were working on the house. As my dad was working on the house so many things started missing and my uncle was pushed off the ladder by a force.
When I moved in I stayed in the room where the female slave stayed. That room always stayed cold all the time. Well one day I changed my room around. When I got home my bed was in the middle of the room. Now mind you I moved in when my roommate was on vacation. Then I started feeling something sit on the end of my bed. And one night I felt my back burning from my shoulder to the base of my back. I went to my roommate and he seen three claw marks down my back.
I started staying in my roommates room for a while and he would take another bed to my room stay in there. When I moved out and moved into another place. I started seeing things and feeling something on my bed at night. Seems like when I move into a new place it feels as if it follows me.