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What Was This Uncomfortable Feeling?

Hi again! Would like to share my experience about 3 weeks a ago, at night. its kind of silly though… what I did, but what happened after really irritated me!

so I was trying to sleep, was feeling drowsy but lots of thoughts swarming in my mind one after another, which usually happens. so in the process I just came to think about a cute guy who was practicing witch craft, had watched the show ‘rescue mediums’ (airs in zone reality TV). I found him very cute hehe, so maybe I shouldn’t have done that but I just spoke in my mind..i thought awww he is so cute and remembered since he practices the craft may be…. he would be able to receive the message (if I think of him and send him the message ‘u r really cute, almost had a crush’), he would actually receive it and know it was coming from me..and I did that!

5 minutes later I was thinking about something else already…and out of nowhere, my heart started beating very fast, feeling of anxiety, lost my drowsiness, was so confused, couldn’t understand what was going on and why, was almost about to sleep and now, I just have this uncomfortable feeling, heart beating fast not loud though… I tried to think, my mind was perfectly ok! usually when your mind is scared the brain sends a message and your heart reacts with fast beats, but it was not the case! my logic, conscious whatever was fine, so I just couldn’t find out the reason for the weird uncomfortable feeling! tried to sleep, struggled for about an hour, had enough so at about 1 or 2 am I think I recited a small book (enchantments praising a Hindu god believed to protect us from evils, accidents… basically bad stuffs, I read it when I have nightmares). the weird feeling slightly decreased, and I guess after about 15 minutes. I fell asleep! also felt cold but I think it was due to the night breeze, my curtains were open or just a chill because I was so anxious,happens to me wen my heart beats so fast,but was feeling it only on exposed parts of my body(was wearing a short and T-shirt) so… don’t think it had anything to do but still you are the experts (so maybe this is important to share)

hasn’t happened since then… but what was that? I don’t think it was my psychology cause I had no fear or any kinda scary thoughts in my mind.. but still my heart reacted and was uncomfortable, was not that scared though, just confused and shocked! and I hope sharing this experience with u is not going to make it come back again… really.

thank u for reading such a long query

Asked by shreesa

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Hi Shreesa,

So you sent a message out to the ‘universe’ saying you liked a cute guy, with a mental image of the guy in mind, hoping he received the message. One of two things happened, he did get it, and sent a nice thought back .. which raised up your energy .. or, more likely, some ‘cute’ guy, who was a ghost, who was moving about in the ether, caught your heart-felt emotion and followed it back to the ‘source’ (you) and dropped in for a visit .. which explains the heart racing feeling, and the cold of the ghost as it took energy from you gently.

Not all ghosts are nasty, some are simply lost. They are drawn to us by our thoughts, fears and beliefs .. so maybe he thought you were cute too, or thought you were someone he remembered with love ..

Love & Peace

hi ama!

thank u for ur valuable comment :)…so u think the cold feeling also had smthing to do with the supernatural? and suppose i got a nice message back from the guy i sent it to, then why that kind of anxiety? although it didn’t scare me but it was a nasty feeling, wasn’t it supposed to be calming instead? like when people feel positive energy around them it calms them and they feel like they are in cloud 9…

Hello Shreesa,

When you read ghost stories a lot of the time people mention that the room they are in, and they themselves, get very cold before the ghost appears, or does anything visible. This is true, I have experienced it quite a few times. It takes a lot of energy for ghosts to interact in our world, and they draw that energy from the environment, and from us. Lots of people are more thrilled by ghosts than scared, but they all say the same thing about the temperature drop.

Positive energy does not “calm and send someone to cloud 9” .. ‘cloud 9’ is a state of euphoria (extreme joy) which is also a way of being out of balance in your energy. Manic people go between depression and uncontrolled happiness. They can do it like flipping on a light switch. Hypermania and hypomania are mental illnesses. If the ghost was mentally ill, you might ‘feel’ what it is feeling at the time. That’s often how I do things, if I’m not quick enough to catch the ghost before he imposes his/her feelings on me.

Calm and peaceful creates a sense of safety and security. It’s an internal reaction, and cannot be ‘imposed’ on a person by an outside entity. Being overstressed by a ghost and having it strip you of anxiety might give the ilusion of calmness, but you have been robbed. Giving energy is a gift, having it taken unbalances your chakra (energy) system.

The anxiety feeling is created when a spirit being is around us. Our body energy (solar plexus chakra – stomach region) speeds up to raise our energy to meet the entity’s (ghost, angel, spirit etc) energy. It feels like fear, we often react in fear, but if we can manage to control the energy, rather than simply panic, we can give it to the ghost to help them talk to us .. but I don’t recommend it, because when you try this you connect your energy to the entity and it can do the same to you, and it might not want to let go. No one should end up ‘wearing’ a ghost as some form of attachment. Its not healthy for the living at all. Ghosts are supposed to be in heaven (by whatever name you want to call it) not hanging around us here on earth.

If the guy had sent you back a nice message 1) you’d know it for certain, and 2) it would come from his spirit, so you’d feel an increase in your energy as described above, at which point you might also have a picture of him suddenly come to mind .. but personally I still think it was an unknown ghost visiting you. On a logical basis, does the guy you admire even know you exist?

That throws me back to another group of thoughts. Around the time Michael Jackson died a number of women wrote to me asking why he was suddenly visiting them, telling them how much he was in love with them, and wanting to stay with them forever. These were women who had never met him in real life, in other countries as well as america. It was not Michael, it was an entity pretending to be him, to take advantage of the women’s obsessive grief over his death. They were, of course, fans. I advised them all to break the connection, and I hope they did. That sort of entity is not there for the greater good of humanity.

Not everything in the spiritual planes is friendly to humans, and ghosts, being people who still have all their bad attitudes, illnesses, fears and phobias – just no body now – will take advantage of the living if they can. That’s another good reason for making sure they all go into a healing place .. to let the painful stuff go!

Given the amount of experiences you seem to be having, let me recommend some psychic protection. At the bottom of this page, under Pages, is a White Light Shield. Go and learn the personal shield, and use it. The house shield is good too. Some people have chosen to be born far too sensitive to outside energies, and the shields really do help.

Love & Peace

oh! now i get it! yes i think it was a passing soul who thought to take a visit! ofcorse the ‘cute guy’ doesnt even know i exist but since he is into supernatural stuffs i assumed he would know where(or who) the message was coming form exactly…but i dont think thats the case anymore thanks to ur guidance :). and yes i am very interested in supernatural and paranormal things but i codon’t ever want to get involved in it, because i am not born ‘clairvoyant’ as u call it…may be in next life i will be born with such abilities…but for now i don’t want to try to communicate and summon any entities. Thank u very much once again dear Ama for sharing ur knowledge and the protection shield 🙂 and it’s a relief that the ghost wasn’t ‘nasty’ hehehe…cos i get scared so easy and it might have played its bad tricks on me(yet i m always interested in these things;not to get involved though…just to observe from a distance)

Hello again,

Just because someone is ‘into’ the supernatural stuff, doesn’t mean they have any gifts (clairvoyance etc). I have a few friends who are into the technical side, must catch every odd thing on video .. funnily enough both of them are also turning into ‘sensitives’, but that is more than likely unusual, not the norm.

Don’t assume every ghost is nasty (I know you aren’t), because it just adds to your fear when something odd happens, and fear tends to draw the darker ones to us.

Wishing you a great day,
Love & Peace