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Am I Crazy?

Ever since I can remember I’ve had some unexplainable experiences. I know I’ve seen some manifestations as well as heard them. Is it normal or above normal to just be able to feel when a house or person etc is not right? Also ever since I can remember I’ve been able to tell what a person is feeling just by being in the Same’s like I’m feeling these things but I know it’s not what I myself am feeling.

I haven’t had any spirit activity in several years now..maybe because I’m older or it just following me.. or I just stopped finding them. But I have & probably always be able to instinctively know if someone or something isn’t adding up. Then again many people say I’m just naturally this way because my sun sign is Scorpio.

So what do you think?

Asked by Anastacia

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Hey Anastacia,

I can’t count the amount of times I’ve asked myself the same question. I started off in a similar situation, I was able to tell exactly what others were feeling, and I was able to manipulate what they were feeling too. Sometimes it became difficult to control as I would pick up many unwanted emotions and take them on myself.
You aren’t crazy. Its a natural ability many people have.
Have you ever tried meditating? It really helps you gain control over your own emotions and discard the emotions others are “giving” you.
Another technique that works is grounding yourself. Stand with both feet straight, lower your head to the ground and close your eyes. Feel the earth at your feet and work your energy down to the earth and let the earth energy work its way up to you. You need to stay grounded at times and it really does help.
I’m not familiar with sun signs and I don’t think it really has much to do with that, as I am aquarius.

Peace and happiness to you!

Hi Anastacia, you ask if you’re crazy. I can tell you that you are not. What’s more, you are a perfectly normal and intuitive person. All people have intuition, but few develop it. You´re lucky, listen to that voice in your head or that gut feeling, it will help you along, help you make fewer mistakes in life. ALP

That “Gut feeling” will never let you down.. follow it, and watch… I have those a lot too 🙂

Hi Anastacia,

I’m not crazy either, I just have an interesting life, from time to time.

For a person who is sensitive to energy it is totally normal to be able to tell when a house, or a shopping centre, or anything in between, is not ‘feeling’ right. The same goes with people. It’s how you interpret the feelings (or sensings) that you get, that comes from training, yours or that which is provided for you by others. The gift is either clairsentience or empathy .. I think they are two different, though similar, psychic abilities. (Empathy works more with people, IMO).

Life is good .. 🙂

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Thank you everyone who has replied in kind. I’m so glad to hear that I’m not infact crazy! I didn’t think so but whenever I try to talk about these feelings ..people don’t want to even bother listening. Including my husband who doesn’t believe in pretty much anything. Ugh I just wish that when I refuse to enter a certain domicile people wouldn’t take it the wrong way..if I do enter & the feeling is no good I feel like a nervous mess. My stomach feels like it’s got a hundred knots. But again thank you & I will be doing some research into empathy & clairsentience as mentioned by Ama.

Peace ★Anastacia

Well, first, you would have to define “crazy” for me. 🙂
I am of the very humble opinion that you are only “crazy” if you are a human. The granularity of “how crazy” is something all together different (and again, I smiley face).

Seriously, it’s a great question. I have been explained by many sensitive people as being an empath. The analytical side of my consciousness makes me think it’s honed intuition based off my upbringing (tho, one might declare “genetics” in some way….not sure if I would). My Father constantly commented on social tells. He would often say thing like:
“See how Joe was fidgeting left to right, then I asked how his brother was doing and he crossed his arms, his eyes rolled down towards his heart and then he seemed uncertain? I don’t think he was telling the whole story…something must be up. I hope he’s ok.”

He can read people very well.

I like to think it’s a mixture. I think souls are connected in ways we will never understand. Throw in intuition and the solar plexus chakra (aka “gut” feeling) and I think it could culminate in empathy of an almost “supernatural” feel.

And I only say that because the more clair-gifted (if I may) folks I’ve known, had a bit different process. It honestly came out of nowhere. “Hey! Joe’s brother is in the hospital, right now! Do you know a Joe? Who is the Joe I’m seeing?” (or any other example that might make you assume randomness in uncorrelated information). It also tends to send chills up my spine as apposed to making me curious if I can see the same out of a person (or in this case, inanimate objects).

Anyway, I don’t really think you are “crazy”…but I also think that the more you claim the inner-crazy, the less you really care if someone calls you crazy. It works for me…and has the added benefit of keeping normal people at bay…. bwahahahaha!


Lol thank you for the laugh ♥ It’s not that I care about what people think but what I feel about myself. Whether it’s been because of what people will say or just other factors..I’m not sure but I’m embracing my ‘gift ‘ & not a lot of people want it when it’s so strong that it feels like the wind has been knocked out of you by the sheer force of emotion..or the gut twisting sensation. But I’m proud of who I am.

Hmm. Siddle,

I am definitely crazy. I would rather be crazy than whatever normal is. I think I might have met at least 1 or 2 normal people in my life .. but I am not sure. 🙂

Ok, all joking aside .. we are, each of us, unusual in different ways. Some of us conform with whatever our society demands, and some of us don’t, but as long as we are good people, doing no harm to others and ourselves .. let them call us eccentric LOL

Love & Peace
Ama (between house moves)

How boring normal would be.Sigh! But then there is the old cliche’to fall back on- What is normal?

Oh the jokes I could make here. LOL As far as I’m concerned, I’m normal ..whatever normal is. I am also happy. That has to be healthy. LOL

Love & Peace