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Determining Whether A Spirit Is Malicious Or Good

Hi there I recently moved into a house, the person who previously lived here passed, and I did know him. Before his funeral I was on edge, after the funeral I was at ease.

About a night or two ago, the on edge came back. Yesterday, 3 knocks on my door I already knew nobody was there as my door has a glass window. I wasn’t In the room alone and the other person (who was a close friend ) also heard the knocks.

Today as I was taking a nap in the room by myself, I felt a warm presence to the right of me and a voice say go to sleep. I’m fully aware there is something here, I just need a little insight on what to do, how to do it and if the presence is good or evil.

Asked by Naijae

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Hello Naijae,

Sounds as if someone who died has come to visit, so I suggest you either get a minister to bless your home, or use the Michael Invocation yourself (link further down this webpage) to send the ghost into healing/heaven. Once that is done you should not have any more problems.

Love & Peace

Hi there I Live in a supported living area in Maidenhead and I think either this morning or this afternoon in my bedroom I could hear some shuffling noises like if some one’s moving things about and I have a little door stopper on my skirting board behind my bedroom door and I heard that being twanged very lightly and then I heard 3 Knocking noises I mean what does that mean if I heard 3 knocking noises?. P.S do ghosts follow you to where ever you go?.

Hi Michelle,

Some ghosts may follow a person, or you might move into a haunted house. Other ghosts move from place to place, for reasons of their own.

Because the sound seems to be low down, I am wondering if you have mice between the walls? My youngest cat has a wonderful time bringing them in to play with, and then letting them go. We often have ghosts in the house, but mostly the light noises have an ordinary cause.

As to three knocks, no one actually knows what they mean anymore, because they happen all over the world, for all different types of people, and generally don’t seem to be connected to any events – except perhaps someone on the spirit plane wanting to catch your attention. If a person is startled by a sound they tend to send their thoughts, emotions and energy towards the spot they think the sound comes from, and ghosts can gather up that energy and use it to make more noises.

If you are worried about what happened, you could scroll down this webpage to the Michael Invocation and use it to clear your home. The link is below.

Love & Peace