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What Is This Unexplained Bruising?

I feel absolutely ridiculous and I cant even believe that I am searching the internet and sending this to some random website (no offense). But I have recently noticed that several times in the last month or so I have been waking up and finding bruises on my arms, upper thighs, abdomen that look to be patterned resembling fingertips.

When first noticed, a friend saw them and pointed them out, convinced my on again/off again boyfriend grabbed my arm. He hadn’t even been around.

Its really bothering me and I have no valid explanation. I don’t dream much at night, at least not that know of or remember.

Asked by Jodi

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Hi Jodi,

I don’t mind being random .. its actually fun. 🙂

I suggest you clear your home, and then yourself. If you are a church person, ask your minister to bless you, and then come and bless your home. If you are not, at the bottom of this page is a link to the Michael Invocation. The instructions will tell you how to clear your home and then yourself .. that should put a stop to the fingerprints.

If it doesn’t stop, go and see your doctor. You might have an illness that means that you bruise easily, and its best to have that checked out as soon as possible.

Love & Peace

The same thing for me as well!! I stumbled upon this site for answers to some disturbing things happening in my home and when I seen your question my heart about stopped. Last week I woke up with the biggest bruises on my right outer thigh. A few nights later, the left side and my left forearm. The first one looked like a baby foot and is just now starting to clear. I’ve had what feels like my head rubbed, bed nudged, loud heavy stepping sounds, and this morning my daughters bed room light just went on for no reason and she was sleeping in my room at the time and finally also this morning, a large bang sound that startled both me and my kids and the bouncing ball I bought them last night was popped downstairs.

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