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What Do These Dreams Mean?

There has been these dreams I have been having about a little girl who is hiding in my room and she is small and dirty and she runs around and she tries to control what I do and she is taking over the house and is pushing me away from everyone else.

I also have this dream where I am in my room sleeping and I wake up and I am being pushed down and I cant talk but no ones on top of me. Then my closet door starts opening and closing and I couldn’t scream for help because something was keeping my mouth shut. Then it stops and I can talk again then I started screaming and my step dad came in and asked what was wrong with me and I had told him what had happened and he told me I was nuts and it then the closet starting opening and shutting again. Then he just smiled at me and sat down. But then my mom came in and smiled at me and I was trying to tell her what had happened and she just kept smiling. Then the smile went from her face and the the lights started to flicker and the closet started opening and shutting again. Then she sat down in the center of the floor and it was like when you looked into her eyes it felt like her eyes were pushing you down. Then I saw a cross necklace on my dresser and I tried to get up and grab it but my mom grabbed me and pulled me down to the floor and broke my hand and then I looked at my step dad and he got up and tried to grab the necklace but then she screamed no, don’t you dare and broke his hand and then all I remember was her eyes went a very deep black. And then I woke up.

Could someone please tell me what these dreams mean, if they are related to anything paranormal or if it just my mind thinking to much when I sleep.

Asked by Johanna

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Hello Johanna,

First dream:

Do you live in a haunted house? The little girl could be a ghost sharing her experiences with you, or she could be a message from your ‘inner child’, that you are neglecting to look after yourself properly, and that you are being run by that ‘child’, in other words, the voice of our egos, which can be very loud at times. Are you looking after yourself well?

Second dream:

The dream with your parents raises questions. How old are you? Are your parents very dominating? Were you raised in a Christian household, or are you Christian now? Your mother, in the dream, sounds more of a challenge, given that she injured both you and your father – do you feel she is the dominant person in their relationship too? Are you in the situation where you have to look after your parents, or them you? Sometimes dreams will demonstrate what is happening when we are awake, even if we do not consciously see what is in front of us. And sometimes they show us what we fear? Perhaps your parents do not accept your ability to experience the paranormal, or understand your desire to serve others (hand)? If your mother was possessed in some way, there would be other signs of it around the household, rather than just her eyes in your dreams.

Love & Peace

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