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What Was Happening In My House?

Hi, my name is Jasmine. I am 20. I am writing to this to find answers as to what happened in my house.

When I was 15, my father re-married a woman from New Orleans. Her name was Tigris (not her real name). I moved in with my father and step-mom when I was 16. I later found out that Tigris practices witch craft. The house we lived in was a massive two-story, 4 bedroom house with an office and a mini library. I remember seeing books of witch craft and spells in that library. She also said she uses Ouija Boards, however, my father would not allow her to bring one into the home.

When I was 18, my little sister (1 at the time) would always come screaming out her bedroom at 3 every morning. She never told us why or if she saw anything, but she was always truly terrified and refused to go back in her room. You could not leave her alone in that room unless she was sound asleep.

By 19, I became pregnant. After my parents found out, they allowed my fiancĂ©’ to start spending the night at the house. I remember he would always tell me that whenever he got up for work (3 in the morning) he always heard something moving around or walking in the library. I always heard something similar to what he described when I was home alone, too, but never paid any attention to it. I read a long time ago that spirits feed off of your fear, and I did my best to convince myself that I was just hearing things, but then my boyfriend started telling me he heard it too, at 3 in the morning, every morning. It never failed.

We eventually moved out of that house and got our own apartment. Unfortunately, nothing good ever came from that house. Both of my parents got arrested, and when went to the house to go move out all of the furniture, everything was trashed and broken. We don’t what happened in there. It was always cold in there and my boyfriend said he didn’t feel comfortable being in there so he will wait outside.

I’m thinking there was some kind of demon or bad spirit in that house. I don’t know. I came here to get a clearer explanation.

This was real.

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Hello Today,

Footsteps at 3.00am, upset little sisters .. well, that can be explained. We tend to wake up between the hours of 3.00am and 4.00am and ground ourselves back into our bodies after astral travelling. Little kids do that too. Most of the time we hardly wake at all, sometimes we get into a habit of waking up, and in the dark any noise can be spooky, if we don’t know what causes it. A child of one year or older can go through an emotional state called ‘night terrors’. There might be literally nothing in the dark to frighten them, but they will be fearful anyway. As long as they get comfort at that time, they’ll grow out of it. Your sister might also have been sensitive to unseen entities, and be frightened of that, but that might not have stopped as she got older, where the night terrors would. How old is she now? Have you ever asked her about what she heard in the house as she was growing up?

I’m very happy your father banned ouijas from the house. Houses get haunted easily enough without having an unstable ‘door’ being opened and closed all the time. Whomever was providing the 3.00am footsteps might well have been in the house for a very long time .. might even have died there, so I am talking about a ghost, not a demon, because demons are far nastier and act in more horrible ways, than simply walk around in the early hours of the morning, or watch someone they are not sure about once in a while.

As to the furniture being smashed? Why were your parents arrested? It’s more likely that the people that got them into trouble came and wrecked the place looking for something, than some unseen entity went through and smashed things, since you do not mention anything like that happening before. It takes a lot of energy to manifest enough strength to destroy one item, let alone a whole house of furniture.

The coldness might have been because the house was haunted, or it could be because of what the house was/is made out of, and the dampness of the ground on which it sits.

Of what you have described to me, most things have an ordinary explanation .. even the footsteps could have been people awake doing something quietly in the library, not wanting others to know what they were doing. Did you ever go to the library and look inside, to see if anyone was there?

Wishing you a happy new year,
Love & Peace