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Can Spirits Come Through Monitors?

Hi! I’ve had quite a few unexplainable things happen to me during my 33 years of the adventure that is life. Nothing however has been as blatantly obvious and scary as this one event that took place during the mid 2000s. While temporarily living at my parents house I started to feel a presence and also seeing short stubby shadow figures.

One afternoon while watching a movie something really freaky happened. I wanted to take a short nap so I paused the film and shut the monitor off and laid down to rest. Just a couple of minutes later I started hearing what sounded like a hung up vinyl record coming from my computers speakers. I thought that was strange so I got up to check out what was going on. After turning my monitor on and killing the screen saver I realized that whatever frame of the movie I had paused on was totally gone and instead there was a face of a man in the middle of the screen, staring right at me! He had a sickly yellow tone to his skin, much like a bad case of jaundice. He also had jet black eyes and was giving me a grin. This scared me so much that I started calling out for my dad. He hurried over but the very instant he got into view of the screen (it was facing away from the room’s entrance) the face vanished and the looped audio noise as well. I asked him if he heard the strange sound and he said yes.

This incident left me totally puzzled, I know I wasn’t dreaming and I don’t think it was a hallucination since my dad at least heard it. I’m thinking “it” somehow manipulated the video, hence the looped audio. I’m doubting a virus or a hack since it went away so perfectly timed with my dad getting into view.

So… What do you make of it? I’ve heard of spirits coming through the TV but never computer screens. I guess it’s not much of a difference if you think about it

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I remember my one friend told me about a similar experience he had when he was little. He said he never told anyone because he thought they would call him crazy, I’m going to assure you that you are not, nor ever think that. Yes. They can manipulate videos or monitors I believe. Your experience certainly sounds scary, and has it ever occurred again? My friend reported the one he saw had black eyes and was screaming. And it wasn’t a jump scare, he said it was TV and it was off and happened in the middle of the night and just stayed there. I actually don’t like looking at blank television screens because I’m afraid the same will happen or I will see something behind me in the reflection…

Thank you for your answer. No that only happened one time. For some reason, spooky stuff has only happened to me while I was living with my parents those few months. They had just moved into an estate so perhaps the previous owners were trying to interact with me? I’ve been told I’m open to the paranormal since I have lucid dreams very often, but that’s just a theory I guess. Like your friend I am also sure it was no jump scare or some kind of pop up, I checked the video several times 🙂 It completely took over the entire screen, no windows no background no nothing, just the face and blackness around it.