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I Noticed Odd Things That Seem Paranormal

My house is old from what I can tell and no one in my family will tell me it’s history.  When I was little maybe 8 at night, the globe rotated for seemingly no reason all by itself. I tell you this because recently I was ready to go out when the globe moved again. It makes this real loud creeping noise so it’s hard to miss.

Another thing is that more than once I find my dog sitting in a dark room staring up at nothing like someone was there, not scared or anything but alert. It freaks me out especially since it happens most of the time in the same room where the globe is and sometimes in my room right above it.

More recently I was up late one night and heard a loud but short scream like a quick “Ha!” But more like if someone jumped out and scared you. It’s the only thing I can describe it as. It sounded like a lady who smoked a pack a day. My dog heard it because she woke up so it wasn’t in my head. It sounded like it was right outside my door but it was too quiet to have that amount of intensity of the yell. I assumed it was my grandma catching my brother sneaking food downstairs but in the morning no one heard it since they slept all night.

So is my house haunted and if not, is there an explaination for any of this?

Asked by Haddy