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Spiritual Ghostly Smells On A Victim Of A Male Stalker

I’m stalked by a neighbor, a curious nasty cruel tiny man, who has the presence of a ghost,but is alive the size of a small child, with a glass eye, who chain smokes outside my home and follows me when I go outside.He is like a shell of a ghost and there is the blackest void of darkness all round him.

It’s creepy, the effect is not nice,I experience patches of smoke smells in my breathing and I don’t smoke or my right hand smells very strongly of smoke. I felt a reaction from him to harm me and once he told me he liked to harm people and put them in pain.

I had an eye injury after meeting him and am nursed to prevent losing an eye myself, similar to him. When I feel the presence of smoke or being drained I look and see he’s standing outside my building smoking. He seems to get fun by following me,but he’s ruining my life and I sense spiritual and physical danger from it.

When I use prayer or cleansing methods it gets worse and doesn’t seem to work. I have no energy now, I’m uncertain and I get sick and experience all manor of bad luck since I moved here. I want to leave, but am thwarted and feel prevented.

Asked by lydia