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Can Emotions Manifest Themselves To Harm Us As Something Else?

I heard something we trigger can manifest something when we least expect it to be.

Just wanted to know if it was possible.

Asked by Alex

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Hi Alex

Our brains and bodies are complex things.

Stress can manifest itself in all kinds of peculiar ways, from headaches to skin rashes or from flu-like symptoms to paralysis or blindness. The list is endless, but when no medical explanation can be sort, psychosomatic tendencies seem to be the conclusion that doctors come to.

There are also illnesses that are ’emotion’ based. In other words, when stressed it triggers off the illness. Lupus, for example, can flare up when the suffer is under stress.


Hi Alex,

Can you give me an example please? The only ‘manifestation’, if you mean a haunting of sorts, that appears is poltergeist activity, which happens because teenagers have far too much energy (moods and emotions) and can send it spinning into the environment where it can gather together and make telekinetic things happen (stuff moves around, knocking, other noises from unexplained origins).

If you are talking about manifesting illnesses, look to your emotions. It’s a metaphysical belief that we create our own illnesses – a very resentful person might suffer cancer (they both ‘burn’ on the inside), an angry person might suffer depression (a weight on mind and shoulders). Authors like Louise Hay (You can heal your body) and Annette Noontil (The body is the barometer of the soul) are the two authors I use when I check things like that out.

In haunted locations, and your own home, ghosts are drawn to people because of their emotions. Lost souls feed on negative energy and can hang around just about anywhere, looking for the right person to ‘attach’ to, and stay until the person either changes their attitudes, gets some form of spiritual healing, or works out they are haunted and sends the ghost away (or preferably into heaven (cross them over)).

Have I covered what you wanted to know?

Love & Peace

yes you have covered it, thank you Ama, including you A.J., for that information, these things really get me interested.

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