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Why Do I Get Visions of Old Writing?

I would be interested to hear what your thoughts are on this:

I don’t tend to suffer from visions very often but, over the past few months, I’ve been getting odd writing appear right in front of my eyes, just as I’m going into meditation, or just about to go to drop off to sleep.


The writing reads from right to left. The nearest I can find that it might resemble is ancient Chinese writing – albeit, that reads from top to bottom. The writing I get isn’t exactly the same as the Chinese writing, but it’s the nearest ‘visual’ I can find so to give you an approximation of what it looks like.

When I first started to get these visions, the writing was written on square tablets of stone. But, today, it appeared on what looked like an old computer screen (light green or grey writing on a dark green background). It also scrolled from right to left, so I could see the entire text.

The annoying thing is, I recognize this writing, but don’t know where from. Very odd.

Any one any theories?


Asked by A.J. Ryder

berber EarlyArabic Hebrew Mosaical paleo-greek Phoenicinan Phoenicinan2 Proto-Canaanite South-Arabian THURISAZ

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Hello everyone. This question was posted on the old TGT website, AJ wanted it to be posted here along with some pictures. So here it is 🙂

Thanks CT

Since 2011, I’ve found out the meaning of few of them are (see additional piccies, above) and so I’m of the opinion that these come the sub-conscious, somehow.

Thing is, a lot of folk get the same, or similar stuff. So I guess my current question is:

Why is this being drawn out of peoples sub-conscious now?


Hi yu Bofferbings

A great theory but I doubt it, as the symbol useage span over 3000 years. If it were a ‘past life’ memory then I would’ve thought the writing would have all come from the same period in time and from a specific race. In other words, the symblols would have all related to a specific alphabet or source during the same period of time?

I’m kinda thinking it’s likely to originate from something more along the lines of genome’s being activated, hereditary information that has been encoded in DNA and ‘locked away’ for generations.


Hey guys,

I think the symbols cross over through various languages .. digging out my rune book. e.g.

1) The ‘south arabian ‘z” is also Dagaz, a norse Rune.
2) the paleogreek athenian .. is the rune Sowelu from the same source, and

3) also Raku, a symbol from Reiki. (athenian)

I have two theories – the first is that ‘someone’ is trying to tell everyone that all languages come from the same source (so lets all start communicating better), or second .. ‘someone’ is messing with a lot of people’s minds, trying to confuse them into thinking that a random lot of symbols might actually have some profound message that, if they only struggle for years and years, distracting from more important learning, they ‘might’ learn to understand – or at the very least ‘invent’ some meaning of their own for it.

Humanity is said to have spoken only one language in the beginning. And the dark does like to confuse ..

Love & Peace

Hi Ama

“I have two theories – the first is that ‘someone’ is trying to tell everyone that all languages come from the same source ..”

Yep! That is more along the lines of what I think – hense info stored in or genomes.

“…random lot of symbols might actually have some profound message that..”

I know what I’ve drawn above doesn’t have a message, hidden or otherwise. They’re just random. So if something from ‘the dark’ is trying to confuse or distract me, they’re wasting their time – lol!

Mind you, if someone else managed to decipher what they’re seeing into a profound and definite message, with no room for ‘invention’ or misinterpretation, then I might just sit up and take note! LOL!


Hi Ama

I’ve just been looking at the rune symbols you’ve suggested:

“1) The ‘south arabian ‘z” is also Dagaz, a norse Rune.”

The Dagaz is at 90 degrees to the Berber S / Arabian Z. Whether or not there’s a meaning behind this rune if it is layed out at 90 degrees or not, I don’t know.

“2) the paleogreek athenian .. is the rune Sowelu from the same source,”

the “Z” of this rune is reversed from what I’ve drawn,like you’d see a “Z” in the mirror, but the rune can not be reversed (looks the same at 180 degree turn). Could be a dyslexic version though – lol!

“3) also Raku, a symbol from Reiki. (athenian)”

This has an extra “V” attached, thus makes it more of a squiggle (or lightning bolt), and is also reverse to what I’ve drawn (similar to (2).) A bit ambiguous???

But curiously, a number of different ‘alphabets’ use the ‘hourglass’ and the “z” the same as drawn. So, my guess would be they are more likely to relate to those, rather than runes?

That said, the only symbol that I could find with a triangle on a base line, was a 90 degree anti-clockwise turn of the Futhark Rune; Thurisaz. So I guess anything is possible?


Just came across this post; I’m interested because my daughter said she saw two symbols that look similar to what’s drawn here (I took a picture of what she said she saw after she drew them). Interestingly, the ones she drew are backwards from what’s depicted here (and she said she saw them in a mirror). This all follows a panic attack she had yesterday—one that I’ve never seen her have before. Guess I’m just looking for answers…

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