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Can Animals Talk?

I guess this isn’t much a ghost story but is something that has had me perplexed for years which I hope sharing will give me answers.

I was 13 years old at the time and spending a weekend at my grandparents farm, usually when I stayed there it was to help my grandfather with certain jobs that he was getting too old to do himself, however this particular time I was sent there by my parents for some time away as I had been clashing with my father a lot at home and needed a break.

Without any jobs to be done I spent the weekend trying to find ways to entertain myself, being the little sneak I was back then I took my granddads old smoking pipe and some tobacco and snuck out behind the barn to have my first smoke, after a minute or so of trying to smoke this stuff I suddenly heard voices coming from inside the barn walls, nothing I could make out just muffled conversation but definitely human voices, I quickly emptied the pipe and shoved it in my pocket, the smell of smoke was lingering still so I decided to casually walk around to the barn entrance to see whoever was inside in hopes they had no idea what I had been doing.

I expected to walk in and see my grandfather talking somebody as they sounded like male voices however when I did the barn was empty except for Benson my grandparents German Shepard and Francis their horse. Benson was sitting facing Francis who was in his stable and when I walked in they both turned to look at me, I stood there almost frozen for a few seconds then Benson stood up and walked off. I knew I had heard voices only seconds before and was shocked to find nobody there.

I never mentioned it to my grandparents but I told my mother a few years later after my grandparents passed and the farm was sold. Has anything like this happened to anyone one before? Was I just hearing things or can animals communicate in ways they keep hidden from us. Any input would be much appreciated.

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Hello MPT,

Can animals communicate their needs to us, yes. Can they say words, I know of dogs that can ‘say’ words in languages we understand, but whether they know the meaning of them, I am not sure.

I did have a cat who would stand up and meow .. quite clearly .. ‘out nowwww’ when she wanted to go outside. She knew what she wanted, and message was quite clear to me.

Can they have conversations with each other, most definitely .. I’ve seen cross species communication, and my two cats have got to be telepathic, given that they will stare intensely, occasionally moving their heads as if agreeing or disagreeing, before one or the other snaps and attacks. Am I humanising their behaviour? I don’t think so, given it was so startling to begin with and continues to be.

Did you hear the horse and dog talking ‘human’ to each other in the barn? Maybe. Perhaps it was a foreign language lesson? What you might have heard is two ghosts talking, or two living people, somewhere else, talking .. sounds carries in strange ways when it is not impeded by obstacles, like city buildings.

My question would be ‘why would they (the animals) bother’ when telepathy is so much faster and easier, and crosses the ‘language’ divide? Half the time humans don’t even speak the same ‘language’ even though both are speaking English .. we all interpret things differently, through our own fears and beliefs.

I would love to know of other people’s experiences on this subject.

Love & Peace

Hi MPT and Ama

I only have to think; PRAWNS (even if none are in the house) and suddently the cats wake up, jump out their beds and exitedly run around in anticipation of their favourite treat. They only get the prawns treat once every 2 months or so, due to their being on such a strict diet, so it’s not like they’re programmed to have them at regular intervals. So, how do they know I’ve thought it’s time for them to have something nice?

Once, I’ve even had Molly remind me that I’d promised prawns (that are in the fridge) and I mustn’t forget that promise. Boy, did she make sure to get her treat! The pair of them behave quite differently to the thought of prawns than any other treat or feed time. Quite odd!

I have never noticed any animal actually talk (complex conversation), although some birds do copy random words. But they do have their own way of communicating and telepathy is most definitely one of them.

You might have picked up on their telepathic conversation? Baring in mind, you were doing something naughty so had a bit of a guilty conscience about that, at the time.


I was at work (as I am now) rather than at home when I typed the word, so I don’t know – lol!!

Interesting thought though … hmmm!


This is a very hard subject for me to walk away from so there for I must comment. It is also a very hard thing to explain. A person can talk to animals using telepathy it is not easy to learn but is easy to use although it is very frustrating at times. They most of the time do not use vocals to talk but only telepathy. They learn to talk our way by being around us and learn what the meanings of words are. They do talk a different language but I will explain this in a bit. They don’t always talk in full sentences some times it is like broken English. This is a wonderful gift to have because you can warn any mammal(excluding reptiles) that may be dangerous to get away from you with out one word spoken from afar, and it will work every time or at least it has for me the simple reasoning is that animals are not use to people being able to be on the same brain level as them and it truly scares them causing them to back away from you giving you time to leave or what ever. The only thing about this gift is if you have it you can never get rid of it (unless you close your mind off to this type of thing) and you always hear animals talking even fighting. Birds are very fun to listen to and they talk really funny. IT is very common to hear different animals talking amongst themselves even making planes to this or that. It is not uncommon to hear me talk to my cat and have full conversations with her just as you and I would set and talk to each other, some times i will talk to her out loud and she understands me and will answer back not vocally though unless i have made her mad and then she will yell at me 🙂 it is not uncommon to hear me talk to my dog or if you just see me setting and staring at one of my own or other animals i am not admiring them we are chatting. Horses are funny to talk with for sure one of the funniest animals to talk to but they are so smart and have tons of wisdom. Ok enough on that I mention to be on their brain level meaning that they have their own wave which believe it or not the wave is higher then our brain wave. So if you can talk or hear animals then you are lucky really because this means that you are strong enough to pick up these waves and understand them. The languages are different and this is a part that is very hard to explain but I will to the best of my knowledge. When you reach their brain wave that shows that you are strong but to be able to understand them and know what they are saying is even better meaning that your brain can translate their words into your language there for you know what they say. The animals can do the same thing but they do pick up on our language and will use when around humans more and more. I really do not know how to explain that part any better so I really hope that I have made some sense here.