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Can A Deceased Loved One Contact You Thru Phone And Email And Especially Dreams?

Its been a year since my little brother passed. Lately I been having a lot of recent dreams. Spending time with him in these dreams and contact while my mother been sick staying over nights in hospital while no one been home for days. Our answering machine picked up a call from a Florida telemarketer.

Another incident happened while my dister recieved a Florida telemarketing company from Florida on our answer machine. You can hear a male voice say ‘I love you Jimmy’ from our end as if someone in our house picked up, but no one was here.

Jimmy is my deceased brother. He used to be a telemarketer. We have no family in Florida.

Another incident my sister received an email two days ago with my brother’s 1st initial and exact same last name Garcia asking how are you. I saved both messages and is unexplainable, is it possible he is making contact?

Asked by Laura

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I have had a similar incident happen to me three different times. I type for an author and while working on a manuscript recently I saw my late husbands name on the computer screen. Each time I have been typing and go to save what I have done and instead of saving it the last few lines I typed disappear and there his name is all by itself, Capitalized and sitting by itself in the middle of the screen. Is he trying to contact me? Tell me something? I would appreciate your opinions. Robbie Scifres

Hello Robbie,

If my husband did that I’d be telling him not to delete the work I did before communicating. Was he a practical joker, or just liked to irritate you? It’s certainly a great way to get your attention .. so my next question would be ‘why’?

How long ago did your husband die, and what is the story (theme) about that you are transcribing? Is it related to something in your life now, or your life with him? Did he like to play tricks on you when he was alive, or was he very demanding of your attention? Do you have an anniversary or other important date coming up? That’s just off the top of my head .. what is happening in your life that he thinks he needs to have a say in? Whomever he was when he was alive, he’s still the same person now .. so if you want to snap and tell him to stop deleting things, go ahead. He’ll probably smile.

The other thing is .. how are you feeling when it happens? Happy, sad, excited, bored, silly, angry (before the stuff deletes and his name appears). I’m sorry its all questions, but we have to start somewhere.

Love & Peace

Hi Laura,

I hope your mother is recovering. That’s probably what your brother is checking up on .. you and her, just to make sure.

What is happening in your dreams with him?

Love & Peace

First dream,i was taking care of mother,gotta.surprise visit from him n dream i was happy to.see.hom,ran up to brother.n Gave him a big hug,but he didnt say a word.2nd dream,he communicateed.this.time n.said i had a phone call wit a smile n passed me.the fone.last dream was longer,he was surrounded by family,we were both catchn up on talkn,we.were both just.laughn n smilin.we.were.always close.i was.woken up.cuz they.said i slept.til 1pm,i didnt wanna.wake up..was.was.upset i was.woken lol

Now I knew why my deceased brother been communicatin with us over phone.he knew mom was sick & was waitn for mom passed 2 mnths ago 🙁

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