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Can Using A Ouija Board Summon Demons?

Hello, I’d like to try using a Ouija board with a friend, but firstly I’d like to know if doing so can cause demons to speak to you through it, particularly one that has haunted you in the past. (as I experienced a possibly demonic haunting last year). Please get back to me.

Also I was wondering do demons give up on haunting specific people? Because all stuff I was experiencing suddenly stopped. Thanks a lot.

Asked by Louisa Strutt

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Id be careful with those things. Ive heard a lot of horror stories about them. My wife and daughter fooled around with one for a time, and had some frightening experiences. Needless to say, it ended up in the trash.

Hi Louisa,

You got rid of something nasty from your life and now you want to open a door and let it back in? Oh no, don’t go there.

Yes, an ouija can open a door that might not be easy to close that will let in all sorts of entities, demons and ghosts. Since you have already experienced a frightening haunting, you really should not be experimenting with the board. It connects to the void, a place between heaven and earth, where lost souls roam and other nastier entities hang out.

Please, please stay away from ouija boards. They can cause so much trouble!

Oh and does a demon give up haunting a person and go away .. they can, but not often. Why do you think it was a demon?

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

thank you very much for replying, in answer to your question I would say my first guess was that the entity was demonic as it only made an appearance after i’d been reading “incubus” attacks on paranormal websites for a long period of time.

If anyone wants to know about Ouija boards and demons/incubus, you should read my book, “stalked by a demon” by Tess Rutjens before you mess around with it! People say “play” with these boards but it is not a game and I found out the hard way.. Just want to warn people to Please don’t do it!!!

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