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Black Ghosts?

When my father was on his dead bed, he kept telling me that a few black ghosts were coming to get him and he was very afraid.

Who are these ghosts?

Asked by Julie Gingras

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Not sure about that one. If you ever watched the movie “Ghost” with Patrick Swyaze there were “black ghosts” but they were taking that person to hell. I think your Father saw the movie and depending on his state of mind he may not have his normal facilties and imagined these ghosts. My Father in law when he was on his death bed was talking about men with guns coming to get him and he too was terrified.

That was my first thought too Jim .. but ..

.. when people are dying they don’t automatically see their loved ones as human figures, or the angels, they might only see black shadows, and might find that very frightening. Once they have died, their sense of perception returns to normal, and those ‘figures’ become people they love .. who will escort them into healing, if the person allows it.

I am sure your father is just fine. Have you had any contact with him since he died. Our loved ones might return in our dreams, or be a good thought in our mind, or a fleeting sense of presence, or a quiet word in our ears?

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

the only contact I had with him since is dead is this, I smelled is perfume and then I send go away and he slap me.

Hello Julie (anonymous?)

You smelled his aftershave (perfume) and got slapped? I doubt it was your father doing the slapping. A newly dead person doesn’t have the energy to do that. He might have been around at the time, hence the smell, but so could any other, older ghost.

Love & Peace

no father never saw the movie Ghost but I think my father wasn’t a nice man with others. I think he did go to hell because he was so afraid to die. Thank you for your answer but I wish their is more explaination about those black ghost. (Sorry about the writing mistake, I’m french)

Being afraid to die doesn’t mean a person goes to hell. Most people have a fear of death, because they have no idea what happens after their body stops functioning, and the Christian church teaches that we either lie around waiting until the 2nd coming, or go to some place of either peace, or punishment. What actually happens is that we either become a spirit (peace) or become a ghost (punishment), and stay a ghost until we are strong enough to face our fear and cross over .. and find that ‘peace’ also includes ‘healing’ .. but .. its means we have to repay our bad deeds done when we are alive. That’s called karma .. or fate .. if you have not been a good person in life, you will have to confront your behaviour and repay every nasty deed. Some people might call that hell ..

Hell was a concept around before Christian times, but it was not part of the Christian faith until after the bible was first created. It was not part of the Jewish faith, which is the foundation of that faith, now known as the Old Testament, and was only developed to the point of fear in Revelation.

I hope your father is not a lost soul, but if he is, I ask your angels, and his, to go and find him and take him into healing – peace is something we all deserve.

Love & Peace

When my father was on his deathbed, he too called out and appeared to be terrified. He was unconscious, and we could not ask him what he was seeing, but he seemed scared. My father was a good man, and I do not believe our creator is vengeful, but is forgiving. The transition in to death is most likely scary, but what they are perceiving is most likely not really black ghosts. As our organs begin to fail -and our eyes are one of those organs- shadows are likely. Know that your father is in a better place, and be at peace with that. Know it in your heart and it will be so. I hope this helps and that you can find some solice in my post. xo Lisa

Thank you, Ama … I love your posts, I have been following them and can’t wait for the new ones.


I believe that a shadow person is usually someone who does not have the energy to fully manifest. Shadow people are very common in Gettysburg. Some cab be bad but I don’t believe they all are. My father came to me right after his death as a black mist. He was very angry at the time. But I have met many shadow people and I do not fear most