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Good Spirit?

Hello everyone! First of all, forgive any English mistakes I make. I’d like to talk to you about an experience I had many years ago.

One night as I was sleeping I felt, all of a sudden, like someone or something came and sat on my left hand right below the elbow. It felt very light, like it was just touching me. I immediately woke up from my sleep but I didn’t open my eyes. At first I thought it was my cat but in seconds I realized it wasn’t. So I started feeling scared and I couldn’t open my eyes because of the fear. I was feeling like my head was heating. I was having thoughts that it was a ghost or something like that and I kept having my eyes closed because I was so afraid. Then, this “ghost” kind of blowed right between my eyebrows and whispered “shhh…” right into my left ear, in a very tender manner. This made me decide to open my eyes but unfortunately I saw nothing. However, I heard footsteps on the floor like someone was running (you may think it was my cat running, but as I realized later my cat was sleeping at the corner of my bed). I turned on the lights but I saw nothing.

My question is: have you ever heard of any similar experience? What do you think it could be? I want to believe that it was a good spirit or an angel.

Asked by Catherine

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My experience was very similar. I was not quite asleep when I felt pressure on the bed, like someone was pushing down with their hands while making their way up the side of the bed. Tried to wake up and speak, but no words would come out. I did manage to wake up my mother in the other room, and when she called out to me the pressure stopped. About five months later, I spent the night at her house again and experienced the same thing, but this time it felt like someone small walking across the bed. I could actually hear children giggling. It was a distant sound, but it sounded lighthearted as if they were playing. Then I felt pressure on my hip, like a small child was standing on my side. It felt like they were trying to balance on my side. I thought I could either be scared or play along with them. I decided to play, so I rocked back and forth and began to laugh along with them. Very strange, but vivid experience. Other things have happened on her property and I’m inclined to believe there are child spirits because of the mischievous antics that have occurred.

Dear T. Brown, thanks for sharing your experience! I found it really great! It reminded me of another experience I had, a month or two months after the experience I mentioned. Like you, I was not quite asleep, when I felt like someone came and put his hands on my blanket(I felt light pressure) and tried to cover me. I thought it was my dad so I opened my eyes but unfortunately I saw noone. I don’t know whether it was the same “person” that had visited me in my other experience but s/he also didn’t hurt me and I believe s/he came to show me that s/he’s around looking after me.

Hello Catherine,

Sounds to me that somebody loves you. You were starting to worry yourself into a heap and your ‘visitor’ said ‘shhh’, blew you a kiss and departed. It might be a relative who has crossed over, or it could have been a ghost, either way they didn’t mean you harm.

And yes, other people have had visits like this before now. It’s unusual and quite magical ..

That being said .. let’s talk about our energy reaction to ghosts. What happens when a ghost, or spirit, or angel, is in the room, is that our physical energy (which runs at a speed much slower to theirs) tries to get faster to match theirs, to make communication easier. We feel it in our tummy region (solar plexus chakra), and it feels like butterflies, or just plain fear .. some people thrive on the adrenalin, some people, like me .. have to take really big breathes to slow my energy down, so that I don’t have what feels like an anxiety attack. New ghosts might not know this, but spirits do .. so they never stay long.

Has anyone died in your family recently, or had you moved into a new home when it happened?

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Dear Ama, thank you for your answer. It was very helpful and informative. Noone had died at that time or even later, as far as I know. And i hadn’t moved into a new home. Maybe it was someone i didn’t know and for some reason s/he wanted to show me that s/he’s there to protect me or guide me…

Then why run away? No, perhaps it was a ghost just passing through. A guide should stand a little separate from the human it is guiding. Gestures of affection are a very ‘human’ thing to do .. but I’ve had hugs from angels.

As long as you are happy with the memory, let it continue to be a good one,
Love & Peace

Of course I’ll let it continue to be a good and happy memory, but I just can’t stop thinking about it when it comes to my mind. Sometimes when I’m alone, I speak to it in case it listens and comes again. I’m sure it was something good, that’s why I want to feel its presence again…Being scared wasn’t my best reaction when it came. Anyway,I’m curious whether it was a ghost passing through a random place, which happened to be mine, or it came to me on purpose? Who knows…? Thanks again Ama!Love and peace to you too!

Hey Ama,
Is this activity usually just tied to ghosts (spirits??)? Can Guides/Angles also do this, or are those more careful about watching from a distance?

I have had somewhat similar experiences, but always in dreams or hypnagogia.
Based on your response, it would make sense that I’m visited in dreams more….my emotional base is completely different there (my only remaining struggle with the concept of “subconscious body”). Because my energy level is off the charts if speaking from the perspective of anxiety. 🙂 I would think Ghosts would find my energy chaotic…so, may explain why it takes the form of lucid dreaming instead of “vision”. haha!

And I do think we could be visited by many things….so I am being specific about the OP’s situation. Could that have ever been a guide? Or maybe someone in the soul group that wasn’t with you in this incarnation? (if that is possible).


Hello Siddle! I’ve just read your comment and I really liked your version(of the soul group)! I’ve never thought of this interpretation. If it is possible that it was someone from my soul group that we’re not together in this life I find it really great and touching! I hope s/he comes again…

Hi Siddle,

Given what Catherine wrote “the sound of feet running”, its unlikely to be a guide. They don’t need to run, though I do know of some that danced, but their feet were never heard. 🙂

Guides draw our attention to things, they give us a feeling of safety, sometimes a message. They might get our attention by blowing on our face, if that’s something we’ll accept – but its far more likely the behaviour of a ghost than a spirit (family member), or a guide, who is not supposed to impinge on our consciousness so much that it frightens us.

And yes, many of our soul group stay in heaven while smaller sections of the collective incarnate together. Each collective can be enormous .. but we don’t incarnate with the same people all the time, as we all interact within whole of the collective all the time.

Love & Peace