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Am I Subconsciously Moving Things?

I, as well as some people I become intimately in contact with, see objects moving on their own, such as: a water glass moving across the table by itself multiple times, shampoo bottle flying off the counter, also items going missing, hear noises in the other room, sounds like someone pushing items off the counter and hitting the floor, but no one is there.

My stupid evil ex told me that it is telekinesis / psychokinesis / poltergeist, a.k.a. that I’m subconsciously moving things, or have created an entity to move things.

My question is, is it telekinesis / psychokinesis, or a ghost / shadow person / demon / spirit separate from me that is moving the objects? I don’t know which it is, I am leaning towards PK / poltergeist, but I don’t want to rule out a separate spirit trying to get my attention.

What is the purpose of this and what do I do with it. Thanks.

Asked by K

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Hello K,

The one thing that makes me think you have a separate entity instead of this situation being a case of telekinesis is that stuff goes missing. Fairies borrow things sometimes, some ghosts take items as well and hide them in other locations like an attic.

I am hoping someone more experienced with these situations comes to help though and give you advice!

All I can think of is to clear your energies and your home, shield yourself, and if you are still worried if its telekinesis then ground yourself, center yourself, and find ways to let out your excess energy in safe productive and positive ways. I love gardening, it’s very grounding and being around trees always puts me in a good mood.

Hi K,

The purpose is to get your attention, plain and simple.

A poltergeist is an energy form that might occasionally be created by teenage energy, or menopausal women. Having been through the menopause experience, I agree women can pump out a ton of negative energy if they are not having an easy time of it, but this energy doesn’t usually end up making things move.

So, a few questions .. you said that other people around you do it too .. does it happen only when they are there? Does it happen to you when you are alone? Does it happen to each of them when they are alone? Does it only happen in your home? or theirs?

My first thought is a ghost. Demons are much more subtle and far nastier. In that case I would suggest you use the Michael Invocation (link below on this page) to clear yourself and your home, and have your friends do it too .. that should settle things down if it is a ghost.

And tell me how things go,
Love & Peace

Thank you guys!! I will take this advice and follow up with you!! I appreciate it so much <3
love and light, k

This is not telekinesis or psychokinesis. Humans have only the randomly achieved ‘ability’ of telepathic communication, but even then, we cannot control signals and frequencies from both entering and emitting/exiting our brain.
Most likely, the objects are being accidentally (or possibly intentionally) moved by people in the ‘here after’, whom are simply attempting to live a normal day to day life as we do in the previous life.

How is it even possible ? We will never know until experiments and data is taken from both sides on the spectrum of reality, in life now and the here after. Which means we need clear methods of communication between both parties first.