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Are Static Shocks A Sign Of A Spirit Or Ghost In Your Home?

Ever since I have had a lot of activity in my home, I have noticed a lot of static electrical shocks, especially at night. I get zapped all the time, even when I’m laying in my bed, not moving. No one else has mentioned it, but sometimes when I get out of bed I get zapped hard in my head and it hurts!

I had an electrician out a few years ago to check my wiring and it was okay. I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them?

Asked by Nancy Abbott

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How bad are the shocks, Nancy, and have you been checked out by the doctor to find a cause. Tom, my husband, gets some nasty ones, but he’s ill. I get zaps and tingles, and cold chills, but they are never enough to really hurt.

Could it be a rather sharp signal to tell you there’s something spooky around? Or are you hyper-sensitive to earth energy? Do you live near a fault line?

Do you regularly zap yourself on the fridge and other metal surfaces?

Some questions just to start with,
Love & Peace

Ama, I do live near a fault line, but it is about twenty five miles away in the Mountains. [the San Andres.]
I also live on a Desert, with a lot of Quartz rock, which I have heard that attracts energy, but the zaps I get are hard enough to hurt sometimes, especially the ones to my head.
I’m the only one that gets them in the house. I use to only get them in my bedroom at night, but I get them in the other rooms also. It is almost like something is following me throughout the house now.

The San Andres is a very powerful fault line. Do you get a lot of earthshakes where you are? You might be reacting to the shifting energy within the fault, and yes, quartz can attract energy and cause tingles, but not really painful shocks, or not usually.

Is your home metal framed? That might also help create problems .. and nylon carpets? Thinking static electricity here .. but lying in bed at night – does it happen as you are relaxing and getting ready to sleep, or while you are reading or whatever?

Anything to do with your head I would have checked out by a doctor, just in case. It could just be muscle spasms ..

As for it being ghosts – clear yourself and your home with the Michael Invocation and see if that settles things down?

Love & Peace

Nancy, I live in Las Vegas, NV. I am the ONLY one in my family that is experiencing what I was assuming was static electricity type shocks. Can’t pet my dogs or I’ll zap them. I can pet my cat! Everything I touch has such a large shock that I can visibly see the shock. A couple weeks ago I was seeing orbs on my baby monitor (that I use to monitor my dogs). Then, it started blacking out & I could see motion going back & forth in front of the camera. Phew! I am pretty sure there is a “visitor” in my home. Just Googled “static electricity + ghosts” & this website came up. Hmmmm.

Jake, we have NO carpeting. Our entire house is Pergo floors & tile in the bathrooms. I wear shoes with rubber soles. It can be gray & overcast so I know there is SOME humidity. I am the only one this happens to. My grand kids were here today & it didn’t happen one time. As soon as they left, my greyhound walked up to me & as soon as I went to pet him – ZAP! Hmmm.

I was taking a bath once and my shampoo bottle was rocking back and fourth, i went to steady it after watching for what felt like a couole of minutes and i got a static shock. I also got touched on my back about 4 times once in bed and was terrified.

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