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How Do I Encourage A Ghost To Move On?

How Do I Encourage A Ghost To Move On When He Is Very Attached But Not Responsive To White Light Shields or Michael Invocation?

I purchased a newly built home about 18 months ago. Almost immediately, strange noises, shadows and voices began.

I am clairsentient and have ghosts around me for most of my life. Almost all have been very kind with no issues. About 8 month ago, I purchased an Ovilus device in hopes of learning more about the ghost in my home. I certainly found out more than I could possibly imagine… his name is Paul,19 years old, died during the Civil War, our subdivision is built on his farm land, his mothers grave site is under the house next door. I have used this device at least 50 times and he always speaks, introduces himself and has intelligent responses.

Four other neighbors have also experienced paranormal events that he has acknowledged and apologized for disturbing the living.

When I ask him to leave my home he does but comes back a few days later. If I ignore him, he will do something to get my attention… brief manifestation, knock, run the stairs, etc.

My concern is that he does not want to leave our plane and enter the light. He has shared that he is here to be my “friend” and when I asked why, he responds “because you are help for us.” What should I do? He is very kind and rarely a problem but he follows me like he is my shadow.

White Light Shields and Michael Invocation are not successful with this situation.

Asked by Rod

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Hello Rod,

There’s usually a very good reason why things don’t go the way we think they should .. so if you will please tell me how you used the Michael Invocation, what you cleared with it etc .. and how you are using the shields, then I’ll tell you why it didn’t work. And we can see if we can fix it together.

Thank you,
Love & Peace