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Are Ghosts Attracted To Me?

Okay so ever since I was a baby I’ve had experiences with ghosts my mom tells me about when I was a baby we were staying at my aunts house and that a baby died there and I was in a room and I was looking around the room laughing and playing with something so my mom picked me up and felt something cold by here legs so she said “I don’t know who you are but you’re scaring me please leave” and the cold went away and I started looking around very confused and also whenever we would visit my uncle they would lay me on the couch and above the couch there was an eagle feather hanging from the ceiling that would start spinning around and then stop then start going back and forth and it would only ever happen when I was there and it got to the point that my uncle was so freaked out he took the feather down.

Afew years later when I was maybe 4-5 and to this day I still vividly remember this because I was so scared I was walking towards the stairs in my old house to go upstairs to use the bathroom and I saw a tall man maybe 6 feet talk standing on the bottom of the stairs in a beige suit with a matching fedora and he just looked at me so I screamed and told my sisters who were babysitting what I saw so here I am almost 18 and I always have a feeling I’m not alone and stuff.

Whenever I take videos in my room there are orbs that are always white except one time when there was a red/orange one and sometimes I feel like someone touches me even though no one does for example I was walking past something at work and was about to hit it with my shoulder and it felt like someone moved my shoulder so I wouldn’t hit it so I would just like to know your guys opinions on this whole thing, thanks and sorry it’s so long.

Asked by Amy

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Hello Amy,

You too, hey? I have always had unusual things happen, seen things that no one else can (or I thought they couldn’t) and, on occasion been helped by ghosts or spirits. I thought I was alone in that, but after 20 years on the internet, there are millions of us out here. The man in the fedora might have just been a ghost passing through, or he could have lived in your home previously. Playing with ghosts as a kid, I did that too, I also had a ‘best friend’ who was/is an angel. Cold spots usually mean ghosts, so your mother asking him/her to leave was a good idea, but sending them into healing is better. Spinning feathers is so fabulous, pity someone didn’t get it on video. It could have been an entity, or it could have been your own energy creating the spin. Some people are capable of telekinesis .. making things move.

Orbs have a variety of sources. The coloured ones, in my opinion, are created by living people from our own energy .. so orange/red would be sacral and base chakra energy. Look up and learn about chakras. A very interesting subject. The ones with the dark ring around them with a bright internal light, might be a spirit of some kind, generally friends. The light ones of various sizes could be dust or water vapour reflecting light from some source. I haven’t followed the research on orbs for many years, so that might be an interesting topic to look into as well.

My only thought is – when someone helps you say thank you, visible or not. And don’t take any ghosts home .. and don’t let any attach to your energy.

Go and check out my website. There’s a link to it under Friends just below .. Ama Nazra. The paranormal part of the site will explain about White Light Shields, but you’ll see that link under Pages here too.

Love & Peace