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Lost Ring Found Tucked In An Unusual Place

Hi, Yesterday I took my rings off put them on my desk, and left them there. The next morning one ring remained, that belonged to my late mother, and the eternity ring given to me by my husband was gone. My husband and myself turned up the whole dining room looking for them, couldnt find them. He remembered seeing them in the place I had left them.

The desk they were left on is a very large desk, there are four large books in one corner, of it that are really hard to acess. You have to pull them out as they are squeezed together tightly. I pulled them out and there was the ring laying flat under a really heavy large book. it had obviously been moved across the desk which is large and tucked under the book.

I am not really to worried about it but more curious than anything. Because no way could it have got there, without being moved there. as I never read those books, they are really just for display.

I would be grateful if you could shed some light on this unusual happening. Thank you in advance.

Asked by sheryl

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Friendly poltergeist activity. May i ask, what was the name if the heavy book you found the ring under?. Also, do you know if anyone has passed away in the home,

Hi Sheryl,

If I say ‘nothing unusual here’, its because I once found the teapot in the fridge (I don’t drink tea, or no one used it in our house), and a pouch, that had been missing from my handbag for three days, in front of the drier in the laundry .. oh and car keys that wander off on their own, only to return in the middle of a freshly made bed, between the sheets. I blame the fairies (they are real, as weird as that might seem, or silly ghosts or spirits playing games. As Tricia wrote – could the book have belonged to someone special, or the ring, or both? That might tell you who was having some fun.

Love & Peace

Hi, so two days ago I lost a necklace which is important to me, given by my best friend who moved away. It was graduation at my school, and I gave it to my mom for safekeeping, she placed it in her bag. After graduation, we went to the mall and then went home. When we got home, I asked her for the necklace, but it was gone.. I searched the bag 5 times, asked nearly everyone who came to school who I could think of asking, asked the school staff to look at it, went to the mall to ask every lost and found and even went to the restaurant I ate at, to no avail.. there’s really no trace of it. I’ve started think that it might be because of faeries/spirits like you mentioned in a post. I have had several unexplained object disappearances before, but I’ve never really tried to ask for it back, I did pray to God for the unexplainable disappearance of my iPod, and it never turned up. A friend of mine has a friend who said she could contact spirits with the help of a pendulum. And the spirit that talked to her said that there’s a female spirit in my house who moved my necklace and would return it when “it’s ready” and I will “not likely” find it this instant and she also asked if I look for it, would it turn up? Which the answer she got was probably (yes with hesitation). I got this response just today, and I just asked the spirit in my house to return the necklace or help me find it.. however, I’m still kind of doubtful about the pendulum.. do you think it’s accurate? Is it safe? Can I do anything else to make sure the necklace comes back to me? Please it’s really important, so I really need help T^T

I am sorry about your necklace, Rose, I still wonder where my ring went, that never came back, but I am also wondering if your mother had her bag ‘picked’ by a pickpocket – some of whom can be incredibly quick and clever. You don’t say ‘when’ you gave the necklace to your mother .. at home, at school but certainly before you got to the Mall.

If it was at home, you have done what you could to get it back. Personally, I don’t think pendulums are very accurate, but my husband uses them very easily. As to whether it is safe, it depends on what you contact. A spirit will do no harm, but they don’t hang around houses, a ghost might not mean any harm, but they do feed on living human energy and should be sent into heaven/healing, rather than let hang around. Elementals, nature spirits (fairies), who love shiny things, are generally not dangerous, just mischievous, will ‘borrow’ things and often return them, but they have no use for an IPOD, so, in that case, its more likely to be a human being who took it.

I suggest you sit somewhere quietly and ask softly that the being who borrowed the necklace please give it back, then let the problem go, stop fretting and get on with life. If its going to return it will, otherwise there is nothing you can do about it. Expect it in an unexpected place, like the fridge, or inside the pocket of a coat in your closet? Or in the middle of your freshly made bed, under the sheets. Things turn up in the craziest of places.

Love & Peace

Hi Ama

Thank you for replying.. I gave my mother the necklace at school, and I contacted the school staff, cleaners, nearly all the students that attended, and nobody saw it.. if it is a pickpocket, they’re going to be very disappointed to find out that it is made of iron and is a very cheap necklace. The only reason I’m looking for it is because my friend gave it to me, so I’m pretty upset it’s gone.. and about the iPod, the story is I was heading home after one of my tuitions, and I held my iPod in my hand. I did not let go of it until I came into the car, I’m 101% sure about that. When I looked for it 3 minutes later, it was gone. Pretty peculiar..

Thank you

Hello Rose, i am very sorry to hear the news of your necklace. It obviously has sentimental value.

Regarding pendulums..i use mine on a daily basis and has yet to do me wrong. Pendulums are only as powerful as the person holding them. They chose you to work with, not the other way around. All mediums have our own techniques, does not mean either is right or wrong. Were just all different.

I did ask my pendulum if the necklace was stolen? No
Is the necklace in Roses mothers house ? Yes

Rose i do bekieve it will reappear in time.

Hold any necklace in front if you. Stare at it for awhile in a quiet place. Close your eyes and mentally ask your spirit guides and angels to cimw forward. Ask fir their assustance in locating the necklace. Give it time. The key is believing in what your asking for asking for and what your doing.
May not get what yoy wish for that moment but it will happen in time.
Also, pay close attention to your dreams.
Our guides, angels and loved ones send us messages in our dreams. Lastly, thank your spirit team for their help. They hear you.
In Light and Love, Blessings

Hi Ama

I also forgot to mention that my friend and my friend’s friend, believe spirits and ghosts to be the same being, contrary to your belief of 3 different beings: spirit, ghosts and faeries.. they haven’t mentioned anything about fairies before, but now I’m actually pretty curious of what they think of it

Thank you

Hi Tricia

Thank you so much for replying to me.. I really do hope it’ll come back to me somehow..

Thank you