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My grandma heard someone knocking on her bedroom door around 3 am last week. (It’s also the front door. She got up to see if anyone was there, but no one was.

I work at McDonald’s. Today I working in drive through. I was handing out a bag and before I closed the window a “black witch moth” flew in. It sat right on the window so I left the window open. It wouldn’t leave. It was there for an hour until someone made it leave. This happened at 5pm.

After work I went home and watched a movie, like I always do. My dad and brother were asleep, so I went to my room. I was coloring a mandala for about 30 minutes. Then I heard someone knock three times on my front door, so I got up and no one was outside. This happened at 11:30 pm.

I read online about them being associated with death. I just want to get some other opinions. Also please don’t say anything if you’re just going to be rude and sarcastic.

Asked by kara

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Hi Kara,

If your family has Scottish ancestory, it might mean there will be a death in the family, but more logically, the moth could just have been very tired, liked warm bright places to sleep in, and didn’t want to move until it had to. The tapping could just be some ghost wanting your attention .. that seems to be the main reason it happens these days, all over the world, for all sorts of different people, of a wide variety of ages .. with no distinct pattern to explain the tapping in any other way.

Love & Peace