Angels Turned Around Indicate A Demon Presence?

Every once in a while we find one of my angel figurines turned around.

Does this mean we have a demon in our house?

How do we get rid of it?

Asked by paula

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Hi Paula,

No it does NOT mean you have a demon in the house.

How many other angel figurines do you have? Please describe the actual figurine that turns .. what does it have in its hands?

You see, it might be that its a message to say that you have angels in your house .. and which angels they are.

Does anything else paranormal happen?

Love & Peace

Nothing else paranormal happens in the house. Interestingly, both the figurines are nurses. At first we thought something in the house didn’t like nurses. It was after some time that we realized it was only the angel nurse figurines that turned around. The teddy bear nurse has never turned. There are no other angels in the house. One figurine holds a banner that says “an angel of a nurse” and the other one has flowers in it’s hands.

What do you think?

Hi Paula,

I think the base of the angel nurse might not be completely flat. Have you tried moving it to another location? I would do that a few times, to see if it keeps happening .. just out of curiosity – and then think of a paranormal explanation .. and also .. move the other nurse onto the spot the angel was on .. to see if it would move too?

Love & Peace

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