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Weird Noises And Strange Action Of My Video Camera

So I have been living at my girlfriends house and for the past 2 weeks. She has been going to sleep a couple hours before me. I have been hearing really weird noises in the house. Her dad has been waking up at night so I have been shutting the door to the hallway before I go outside to smoke.

Well ever since I have been doing this I shut the door hear the door click so it can’t open without the door know being turned.

The first night I heard very loud footsteps when I was outside, I came back in and the door was completely wide open I was totally freaked out.

The following morning I asked my girlfriend and her dad if they came out to the kitchen and opened the door neither of them did. So I told my girlfriend what happened and about 10 pm last night we went outside for a smoke when we came back in the door was open I was like ok I know what I can do take a video, when I took a video on my Samsung galaxy s4 I had the camera pointed on the door we came back in and the door was shut I thought nothing happened. All of a sudden I got extremely nauseous and my mouth started to water like I was going to vomit I take my phone back to the bedroom look at the video and at 1:28 the video refocused while it recorded and nothing was in front of it I know it dosent refocus unless something moves in the video frame so can someone please help me out is this paranormal or am I crazy? Thanks

Asked by Matthew

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I have a sumsung galaxy, I cant remember the model though but even with video and apps, I cant seem to record any voices or ghostly acivity on mine for the life of me! I can be recording sound and ill hear the floor boards creak in the same room as if some one is walking but my cell phone will never pick it up , yet it picks up my breathing :s

Anyways its quite possible, I don’t think your crazy, especially if if you feel randomly sick,it could b the spirit effecting you, keep trying to record it, you might catch something one day

Hello Matthew,

To start with .. you know you are not crazy. It’s a bit hard to imagine loud footsteps, unless you were half asleep at the time. And doors can open themselves sometimes, but only if there’s something wrong with the latch .. so its more likely there’s a spook in the house.

It doesn’t seem to be doing any harm. No one sounds frightened. So what does your girlfriend and her family want to do about it?

Love & Peace

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