Angel Experiences?

I’ve recently started getting into speaking to my angels a couple months ago and at first (as many people told me to try) I asked my angel Michael if he could leave me some kind of sign that he’s with me. Some people ask for feathers and what not but I told my angels that they know me better then that, I need something more then just a feather (especially since I have so many cats, a feather isn’t something unusual).

And so one day I was praying for a sign and my boyfriend comes home early from work, shouting for me to come outside and when I do I see this white dove just sitting a couple steps from me in my neighbors driveway just staring at me. I looked to see if it was hurt but… it wasn’t, just sat there and stared. I thought it was weird but then realized how hilarious it was because I knew my angel sent it.

Now a days, they always leave me pennies with the heads up everywhere I go! Sometimes feathers here or there but my question is, has anyone else had any experiences from their angels? big or small? oh and I always make sure to thank them. I love angels.

Asked by Lisa

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Hello Lisa,

Your dove story is absolutely wonderful. Feather’s were not enough, so they gifted you with a touch of the ‘source’. 🙂

I work with the Michael angels. They have never given me feathers, nor coins, mostly they give me cool chills (a ‘yes’ signal) and big smiles (you can feel them in your heart) and bossy attitudes, but they always make me smile, even when I’m cranky as a bear – oh, and my guardian loves to tell jokes when I am washing up .. makes the time go faster, since it is not one of my favourite things to do.

I can’t list the multitudes of times the angels have helped with when I am helping other people. They will give me knowledge to share with others, words, thought or pictures in my mind. And car parking places are another useful gift. They are a constant source of peace and joy in my life, and I must be a constant source of irritation in theirs .. or not so much, now that I don’t question requests first, but act first and then ask for more information later. LOL

They love me. They love you. They love us all. It’s what they do. So pass it around. 🙂

Love & Peace
(and the smiley bunch on my right .. and left) 🙂

Hello Lisa!
How lovely it is to communicate with the “winged” ones! 😀 I, too communicate with them! My son can hear his guardian speak to him with the voice of a child, but my experiences have been more of a sensual nature. My angels “touch” me on the head when they are acknowledging me and, as of recently, touched me through my emotions(and that in and of itself is an AMAZING experience!)

My recent experiences with the angels have been accounted for on this site under:
I posted the link, Lisa, so you could have a read and see better the experience that I had. I am still in awe and amazement that I am actually doing that kind of work!(Spirit Rescue! Thanks to some great instruction from a good friend on here! wink! wink! Ama!) The overwhelming emotion of love from the Angels was so powerful; like nothing I’ve ever felt. The whole experience was surreal and for the longest time I couldn’t believe it actually happened! Still a bit in disbelief now!! LOL! The experience of the boy’s rescue was the most profound and I was even “rewarded” if you will, for the deed with another kind gesture to me from a complete stranger. I was overwhelmed with emotion then, too! LOL!

These days, I am an emotional basket case!! LOL! I cry all the time and I cry at stupid stuff!! LOL! I will cry watching a romantic movie, or if certain news headlines get to me. I sometimes even connect with others emotions. It never used to be that way. I was much stronger when I was younger, but I think my emotional “flood gates” need to be open because that is how I work with Spirit! I really feel it is a blessing to be able to communicate with the angels and Spirit as well as to work with them! 😀 They are truly AMAZING! I love my “winged” friends, too!!
Peace, Love and Light. LunaTerra

How, exactly, does one come into contact with their angels? I have read the Michael invocation, but I haven’t had any experiences. Well, once, several years ago, I was sure I met one who asked me for two dollars…but that is another story.

Hi Renirc,

The Invocation is a request for help, its not a request for contact with the angels. You can ask your angels to meet you in a meditation, or to speak words that you might hear (if you are clairaudient), or perhaps do what my lot does, which is to give me a cool chill as a ‘yes’ signal, when they want to draw my attention to something I hear, see or say. I know any number of people who have that same signal, so its not unusual. You can ask your angels to appear in front of you, and they might, if its in your lifeplan, but only if you’ve chosen it to happen before you came into the world. The rules governing what the angels can and can’t do for us are very complicated, and very strict. God gave us free will and they are not allowed to interfere and take it from us.

Love & peace

I suppose I should have asked my question with a tad more clarity. 🙂
I have many, many problems in my life, and as one other poster said recently, feel like I’m cursed. So, the angels are here to assist at least on some levels…I’m a bit confused, but that’s nothing unusual for me. 🙂

Hi Renirc,

It’s my understanding that we choose the challenges we face in life, and how we react to each of them – and the people involved – is what fosters our spiritual growth. Really strong people choose to have a difficult life, in a sense to ‘fast track’ their learning.

Curses are complicated. Often we ‘curse’ ourselves with our own fears and beliefs, and our need to find someone to blame for things we are actually creating ourselves. If we have the courage to stop and ask ‘why am I doing this to myself, and how do I stop doing it’ .. actually, the courage comes from accepting that we are self-creating our own problems. If someone hasn’t walked up to you and said ‘jack has cursed you’ .. its unlikely you are cursed.

The angels are here to protect our spiritual self, and to aid us in our spiritual growth. They cannot make choices or decisions for us. They cannot force us to do anything we don’t want to, including walk our carefully planned ‘life path’. They can only Love us profoundly and advise us our possibilities – and there will always be a number of possibilities to choose from, because giving us only ‘one’ takes away our free will. Mind you, choosing ‘not’ to do something is also an act of free will.

It’s the Love that carries us through, when we choose to accept it. It is Love that changes our reality .. love for others, and love for ourselves. If we can make our choices based in Love, then generally they will work out all right – but it has to be Love without conditions attached, otherwise its just another form of cohersion and won’t work. As I said, its complicated.

Trust your angels. You do this by learning to trust yourself. Yes, often we seem to make ‘wrong’ decisions, but sometiems they end up leading us in the right direction after all. It’s always up to us.

Love & Peace

I have had angels leave me pennies heads up very often!! I also found a 112 year old bible.. It was so amazing to read and look was very well preserved and I loved how I could feel who it belonged to.. amazing. God is good.