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Am I Psychic Or Demon Possessed?

This is going to be hard for me to explain. So please bare with me.

I can sense this darkness in myself that is some how doing what is mention below.

Sometimes I can just look at a person and feel a darkness coming from them.

Sometimes I get visions. I once had a vision about this girl that was in my class. Just for a split second I thought I saw a black snake wrapped around her neck like it was choking her. The next day she committed suicide. She hung her self. My visions have come true more than just once but they aren’t always about bad stuff.

Sometimes a word will pop into my head that is relevant to the situation I am in. Like this one time my friend was telling me about this awesome date she went on and the word liar and pride popped in to my head and here I come to find out she was lying about her date.

Sometimes I feel like a negative vibe coming off places.

Sometimes I actually see like this black smoke or it can be like some kind of black goo coming out of walls floors. But that is very rare.

Sometimes I will see symbols in my head. And few times I have started writing these symbols with out realizing that I am doing it.

I will have brain splitting headaches. That’s usually when I have all that I mention happen.

Occasionally poltergeist activity will happen around me.

I should mention this name keep popping in my head. Thera.

Just to clarify I’m not depressed, I don’t day dream about hurting myself or hurting others. Normal childhood, both parents are still together, I have a wonderful big brother, no history of mental illness with me or with my family. The most I might have is a light case of ADHD. I have talked to a doctor about the headaches and did a few x-rays but nothing found.

Asked by Kristen

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Hi Kristen,

Welcome to my life. What I actually mean is .. you sound just like me. Including those headaches. They come when we stretch our energy too far, or overuse our brow chakra. I had about two years where I couldn’t use my energy without getting one of those things .. almost put me off energy work completely .. but now they are only once in a while, thank heavens.

If you want to discuss this privately, you can email me from a link at the bottom of this page, my name is Ama Nazra. I’ll explain the ‘sense of darkness’ thing that way – but the rest are quite ordinary. You have psychic gifts.

When you look at a person you sense their emotional state, or that they are similar in energy to you .. that’s called clairsentience (clear sensing). If their emotions overwhelm you you suffer from empathy. Learn white light shields to protect yourself, then you can ‘sense’ without drowning. The link to the instructions is also at the bottom of the page.

I am so sorry that little girl committed suicide. The image was either an entity she was wearing, or the manifestation of the huge amount of sorrow, pain and fear she was feeling – show to you in a way you might understand (in other words, your mind provided the snake). Do you not like snakes? Mind you, there are snakelike entities out there called ‘astral larve’.

The ‘word’ thing .. clairaudience, which means clear hearing. I get words, the occasional whole sentence. Lots of smiles. I tend more to ‘know’ things, they feel as if I have ‘known’ them forever. The positive ones, the helpful ones, all come from our guides and angels. You can get really negative stuff too, if there are entities around you that are trying to get your attention, or make you unhappy. I also get visions, film strips and full screen, so to speak .. with and without colour and sound. It’s normal now.

Where a lot of people have lived, or visited, like old houses and shopping centres, you can end up seeing all sorts of weird stuff – and lots of ghosts, and accumulated negative energy, such as your black goo. I once walked into a building (a pub) near Angel Railway Station in London and came out again covered in some sort of psychic slime that had me flat on my back, unable to lift my head, for nearly 24 hours .. that was weird. Once I could think straight again, which was the next morning, I carefully cleared my energy, inches at a time, because my stomach kept threatening to turn over with any slight movement (and I was only moving my eyes and I was lying flat on my back), it took over an hour to feel better. That was one part of a very memorable visit to england.

The symbols thing .. are you keeping a record? There are a lot of people getting symbols, including my husband, and AJ Rider, who was writing on this site until recently. If you have them I’ll email her and you can compare .. actually .. Caretaker .. is that question on this site or True Ghost Tales, with the photo?

Poltergeist things .. how old are you? You might be creating it yourself, or have strong ghosts around you. Teens create the energy .. got them around you? So do menopausal women. When something moves .. like cupboard doors .. except we knew that was a ghost, I still laugh about that experience .. I tell whomever to put the stuff back down again.

The ADHD is because you produce a ton of energy and it has to be used up somehow. I ‘ground’ mine, or give it to ghosts when I cross them into healing. When I don’t I can get very tense and cranky. If you drive a lot, I developed ‘land hooks’. The idea is that your excess energy is like a big ball of wool in your solar plexus chakra (tummy region). It has a hook on the end. When I drive from the house, I latch the hook into the road and just let all the ‘wool’ unravel along behind me. That wool is my excess energy, and I have plenty. It goes into the earth to become healing energy for anyone who needs it. Good karma that way.

Don’t fret, you are not possessed. You are just extradordinary.

Love & Peace


I just happen to end up on this site by chance.

Since I was a child I also get this (Thera,Terra) kind of “knowing feeling”.

Well for Kristin a quick Google search will point her to the island of Thera where supposedly the real Atlantis existed. So, (big guessing here) it is prior life, ADN, genome remembrance or an invitation to search and learn more about this “knowledge” that have been denied to Humanity.



Hi Micle,

Use your imagination to create a big hook on a rope of energy leading out of your solar plexus at the back. The rope will draw all the extra, unneeded energy that you have out of you as you drive along, walk, bike or ride. It only takes as much as you can spare .. and works well to help calm people down when they are feeling fretful. A good walk does much the same, because we stamp energy into the ground with every step we take.

Love & Peace

Hi Ama,

Thanks for a speedy reply! So I imagine the rope of energy and hook it into the ground and it automatically takes out your excess energy? Does it matter where exactly you hook it, like into the core of the Earth or just directly below you?

Where did you get the idea to start doing this? It sounds good for people that have to use freeways a lot! Or for people who travel long distances.

Yes, that right .. hook it into the ground. The surface will do, you don’t need to anchor it to the core.

The idea was born of desperation, when I had far too much energy and was driving and wondering how to dump it, and the landhook appeared in my mind .. thank you angels .. and it works just fine on short trips to the shops.

Love & Peace

i jus did it thew firstfloor n basment of my house.. feel great, other than the howling sound besisde me out the window,, all the negativity is gone, an none of the creatures are visible in the room..

Wow that is very cool! OK I hooked it into the ground. I will try this when I go out again, I do love walking in nature 🙂 Thank you!

Hello Ama

I recently was in a website. A girl (or woman ) was there that was complaining of a thing was whispering in her mind. she had sent a poem herein in the forum :

[ It lives within me,
Hiding within my mind,
A being that I cannot see,
Nor, will you ever find,

The monster…

It can speak,
But only I hear it,
It’s voice reaches it’s peak,
When I am alone,

The monster…

It never liked me,
And I never liked it,
Both of us fighting to be free,
It wants control,

But I like to drown out the monster,
So it can’t hurt me anymore…]

Also she had wrote this comment :

[The monster is actually a voice in my head. If I listen to the voice in my head and do what it says, then I end up hurting myself and feeling nothing but regret. But, if I try to distract myself with music, going out on a walk or even do baking with my grandma, I forget that the voice is even there. So I can’t follow it if I forget it exists. Thus, it cannot hurt me. The monster lives inside my head and it won’t ever leave because I don’t think a voice only I can hear has an escape. In a way it’s trapped and it’s mad at me for it and I’m mad at it because it just wants to hurt me. But I’m winning and it feels great!

So, that voice was my inspiration for this poem. I hope that answers your question. If you want to know more about the monster. Just drop me a pm. ]

I recommended her to contact to ”” and talk you. I hope you can offer her the way for she gets rid of that problem.

Thanks Mans, I hope she does. In circumstances like that one has to wonder if its a voice she created, or an actual entity. If they both want to be free .. though she says the voice wants to control her .. they have more chance of making it happen.

Love & Peace

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