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Are Ghosts Able To Travel From Home To Home With A Person?

Can ghosts travel from home to home with someone?

Asked by Sunny

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Hello Sunny,

Yes, a ghost can attach itself to a person and move from place to place with them, that means house to house, or even country to country.

Why do you ask?

Love & Peace

If they are attached, they are like wearing a hat, or a coat .. they go where we go. Sometimes they are not attached, but follow our energy. We can lose them that way, but perhaps not for long. There is no time and space on the spiritual planes, only here inside our minds when we are in our physical bodies, so once we sleep and our spirit goes astral travelling, the ghosts can find us again, even from another continent.

It’s best to cross the ghosts over, to set both them, and us, free. They often don’t mean to be sad and hungry, but they usually are.

Love & Peace

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