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Just A Dream Or Something More?

I had a very uncommon dream last night.

My girlfriend and I, with whom I am very close, were on a farm in the dream. The farm looks like the one belonging to a friend of mine. For some strange reason I can remember most of the dreams details, except for the important bit.

Anyway, to give you the rundown, for some weird reason we took a nap on the porch when I woke up in the dream feeling rather uncomfortable and a feeling that what we are doing is dangerous. I told her that we should go into the house. Walking into the house there was a cupboard to our left (Which is wrong compared to the layout of the actual house) and while walking past this cupboard we were both overwhelmed with a feeling of being scared. (The feeling you would get when you find an intruder in your house). This was because we saw, where the one couch should be was now a bed, with the blanket shaped as though someone’s legs were underneath it. (You could clearly make out the shape of the legs, since these are the very thin type of blanket the older people in my country like to use when taking a nap).

We walked forward still and I was shocked in seeing that the guy under the blanket was my deceased grandfather. Which was strange is that I knew in my dream that he was supposed to be deceased. My girlfriend who never knew him seemed more scared, since she did not know who this guy was. He started talking to me, while getting up out of bed. I remember feeling so overwhelmed and scared that I could not move nor speak to him. After getting back to my senses, I said something to him and he started talking again. I then for some reason took out my cellphone and tried to record what he was saying. When recording (he was now standing in front of us) I noticed that on the screen I could only see his head. Anyway, after a while of him talking (we were now standing in the kitchen), we heard someone outside, who I immediately thought was the guy that looked after the farm. Went outside and there were two other people standing there whom I have never before seen. I remember thinking that this is not the guy who I thought was outside. The guy had two names and a surname, which I have never heard before. Unfortunately I cannot recall the names, but I think is started with the letter “D” or “A” and there was definitely an “x” in the middle. I don’t know whether the name is relevant at all. He was accompanied by n woman that looked quite younger than him. I got the feeling that she was his daughter, but I cannot say for sure. If I remember correctly, they were both wearing black. He seemed rather posh or like an important figure, someone of power. I then told these people about what just happened and wanted to show them the video on my cellphone, but the videos were gone and my phone gallery was very problematic suddenly. That is all I can remember though. I did dream on, but I doubt that the rest is relevant in any way.

What bothers me about this dream is that I can remember most of the details pretty well, except for the part where my grandfather spoke to us/me. I can remember that he spoke for a while, but that is it, can’t remember the topic of his conversation.

I woke up this morning (Again, not sure whether this is mere coincidence) with my cellphone’s battery drained to the extent that my phone was dead. This NEVER happens, since the battery life on this phone is rather good. When the warning tone starts sounding telling you about the low battery, you have about 12 hours left on it, but the battery was far more charged than that point.

This is the first time since his death 3 years ago that I’ve dreamt of him. We have not spoken about him or anything I can think of that would trigger this. Another thing I maybe should mention is that my girlfriend told me this morning that she woke up with me sitting up in bed, in the position of someone that was going to grab her by the shoulder, with my hands still in the air. She woke me and we went back to sleep. I can’t remember any of this either, but since I do a lot of things during the night that I cannot remember, this is not too strange. Don’t get me wrong thought, none of the things I do are bad. She would wake me during the night to go with her to the bathroom and we would have a normal conversation. She would be under the impression that I was wide awake, but I have no recollection of this.

Anyway, haha can you try explain this for me?

Asked by JAT

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Hello JAT,
I am no expert,but maybe your departed needs to tell you something, maybe something you promised or a bad habit you have…not sure..peace is something we all want in the after life… Lord only knows that is what I want 🙂 Rules, Rules … maybe talk to some family about what it is you are seeing..


Sleepwalking is not unusual when someone is worried or overtired. And I have had conversations with my husband, and he with me, that neither of us remember the next day, when we question ourselves in our sleep.

Your grandfather: I don’t know that the actual conversation was the important bit. I am more interested in your un-familiarity with the scene. The way I would interpret it is that your grandfather came to visit, bringing his issues with him. He showed you the contents of the world he has created for himself, with unknown authority figures (my interpretation of the people in black), and an environment that was ‘not quite right’.

What I would do JAT, is ask for help from your angels for him. “Archangel Michael, please find my grandfather (insert his full name) and take him into healing”. If he’s already a spirit, nothing will change, and the odd dreams might begin to make sense next time, but if he’s a ghost .. he’ll thank you for the rescue, and you might have one of those wonderful dreams when the person returns looking younger, healthier, happier and free.

It doesnt’ do any harm to do this every time someone senses a ghost. They do come to us for help – in one form or another. Often its kinder to give them ‘freedom’ than a dinner of our energy, because they then just move on to someone else. If a person can sense ghosts, they can send them into healing. It only takes a moment to make a difference.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

I thought about what you said way back when you commented on this post.
Something has just popped into my mind, a memory (my own, not his).

When I was little I use to enjoy the stories that my grandfather told us from when and where he grew up. All the adventures they had as kids on their farm. My grandfather even wrote a book about all of these adventures they had as kids.

This made me think a bit. For someone to constantly talk about a specific era in his past, almost as if that was when he was really happy; the best moments of his life. Maybe that is something that haunted him?

My grandfather’s dad ( my GGF “greatGrandfather”) signed a bank document presented to him by the manager of the bank, basically signing away his farm to pay for his brother’s debt. He got tricked into signing away his farm which was worth way more than the debt.
After that, the family had a difficult life, living in poverty. I think that was the happiest days of my grandfather’s life; back in the day when they still owned the farm.

I recently found the name of the farm on an old family document. Did some research and found that the people who now own the farm set up some sort of a “getaway” there. One of the houses that you can rent is the original farm house. I was actually planning to go there to see and relive all these stories that were told to me. Touch the ground on which my ancestors lived. I was also thinking of making the owners an offer for the farm, just to get it back in the family.

Now back to the dream. The dream could have meant a lot of things, but one of those things could possibly be the symbolic image of the people in the black suits (Important people from the bank, who back in the day were regarded as highly educated people; important figures). This would also explain the urgency of the conversation, almost as if my grandfather was begging (Not physically, but the emotional feeling I got); he was begging me to do something, because these people are coming to take the farm, their home away. I think my grandfather “played” me a memory from his past, with him as his old self instead of his young self, he took the form in which I would recognize him. I could possibly have taken the position of his father in the memory, my GGF.

Anyway, I don’t care whether that was the true meaning of the dream. I’ve just convinced myself to purchase that farm, no matter what. If the dream had another meaning, he will have to come back and rephrase the order haha.


We are not usually haunted by the best times in our lives, but by emotions, fears and events that caused us pain. Losing his family home might have been that for your grandfather, although it actually happened to his father, so he’ll ‘live’ in the memories of the good times, while still being bound by the grief or regret over what happened.

Comparing what you wrote about the dream with the meaning you are giving it now .. I can’t see how they match, but that’s not important. As you said yourself, the meaning you find in it is leading you to buy back your family’s farm and that’s lovely. It may well make your grandfather very happy. Did you ask the Michael to make sure he’d crossed over?

Love & Peace