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Am I Crazy, Or Was It An Actual Spirit?

hello, my name is Josephina and I need some advice:

This has been bothering me for years and maybe I know that there is nothing we could do about it but It’s just a question that needs and answer.

So a few years ago when I was 19, I was alone at home since my mom was going to pick my younger sister up from school. Of course, I have two little sisters (who are much older now) but one of them who was about 4 at the time was still at home with me. So me and my sister was just at home alone in the living room watching television when I see a man, wearing a blue polo shirt, blue jeans and black shoes with short black hair walk into the home. My father wasn’t with us at the time as he was living in another town with my brother so it couldn’t have been them, but this man just walks right into my home and I to be honest’ was scared.

By the time he walked past me and my sister into the hallway, I get up and follow him quietly while my sister was behind me. I didn’t want to leave her alone in case he hurt her but as he got into their bedroom, he vanished into thin air. I didn’t see him walk out of the front or back door, or jump out of the windows because they were all closed but only the front door was unlocked.

I couldn’t figure out who it was, I got so confused so I just brushed it off like nothing.

I can’t explain it, it’s like I was hallucinating or going crazy; I do have to recall that my father does have a mental illness but it’s just something that’s been etched into my mind for years.

Can someone please help?

Asked by Josephina

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Hi Josephina,

You’re not crazy. Yes, it could be you inherited your fathers mental illness if his mental illness includes visual hallucinations like seeing the man you saw, but did your sister that followed you also see the man at the same time you did? If she did, to me, you and your sister were NOT hallucinating and have no mental illness, you guys saw a spirit or ghost. People who are hallucinating from mental illnesses can only see their own hallucinations, not have shared hallucinations. I hope this helps and isn’t confusing.

Hi Josephina

I am not crazy either. Micle’s answer is good. I also see ghosts. I think you did too. Ghosts are everywhere. For the most part they are not harmful, just wandering around looking for a solution to whatever problem trapped them on earth after they died. It might be that the man you saw thought that your home was his house, but when he entered the bedroom, realised he’d had made a mistake, and left fast. You might never see another ghost, but it could be a fun story to scare your friends with. Perhaps they have seen ghosts too.

Love & Peace