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What Kind Of Entity Is This?

I live in a fairly new home (a little less than 20 years old now, have lived here for 15) and for the past four years I’ve have very sporadic yet unexplainable occurrences. They will probably sound like I’m hyping them up to be more than what they were but should you have been here I assure you you could feel the energy; these were paranormal events. It’s also worth mentioning before I go on that my father passed away in 2015 but as a sensitive person and also out of knowing my father this is not him (these events began before he died as well.)

I started feeling less alone when I was home alone starting In 2014. It was very basic stuff, like being tapped very insistently until I woke up from a nap (when there was no one there) and feeling the presence of someone. I assumed I had a friendly ghost since there was nothing malicious that I could detect. Things didn’t start more…sinister, to put it, until much more recently, the winter of 2016. I had spent the whole week alone since I had to stay behind from a trip due to work, and everything seemed normal. I didn’t even feel a presence until one morning, as I was rushing to get to work, I ran back inside for a jacket. I knew my car was still running so out of paranoia of it being tampered with I ran very quickly and the whole garage was only out of sight for 30 seconds or so. I stopped dead when I got to the door to the garage, however, because I found this bloody…lump. It looked like some just a gelatinous clump of blood about the size of a quarter with smaller bits around it. It was so mangled and such a small thing I couldn’t even identify where it had come from. Keep in mind this occurred in the laundry room, because a few months ago, I again had to stay home from a trip and bizarre stuff started happening then too. I came down to the laundry room to grab a hanger and noticed before opening the door my load I had been running had stopped, and come to find out the door to the washer (who’s hinges make it so that it’s impossible to open by itself) was standing straight up. I immediately felt the odd feeling and my dogs also were acting strange.

Since then I have been plagued by odd and often terrifying dreams that aren’t typical for me. I have tried cleansing my chakras but this only seems to exacerbate these intrusive and exhausting dreams. I also sometimes wake up around 3 am and smell what I thought originally to be a bird or small animal that had died in the vents, but my family hasn’t noticed a smell so I thought it was just me. And more recently, my (clean and sprayed) room and connected bathroom has been plagued by these giant flies and all types of small insects; never in 15 years have I even had issues with bugs and it’s only in my room and bathroom.

I have asked around the paranormal community for a while now and nobody seems to take me seriously but I assure you I can feel something odd is afoot here. Any analysis or tips would be greatly appreciated. I just want to know how to approach this entity and if it is indeed a negative sort of thing. Thank you so much–sorry for the lengthy email.

Asked by Avery