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Is Someone Trying To Put A Curse On Us?

My mom believed in magic or black magic, a couple months ago my ‘ psychic’ aunt said someone is trying to play dirty as in put a curse on us.

I’m starting to believe because I live in extremely cold weather and about 20 flies appear everyday no matter how many we kill.

This morning we found dry dirt on our door mat (again it would be wet if it were from us) are we being haunted or maybe cursed please get back to me we’re confused.

Asked by Kait

One reply on “Is Someone Trying To Put A Curse On Us?”

Hi Kait,

Has the psychic aunt put a curse on you? Would you be noticing the flies, or the dirt on the doorstep, if she had not mentioned the curse? For a curse to be most effective the person receiving it has to know about it .. and the only person you have mentioned that says you might be cursed is that lady.

Until you have some more substantial proof, get some flyspray, check the house for maggots (the flys grow from them) in pet litter, and stop worrying about it. The dry dirt on your doormat could have come from the edge of a wet boot, in somewhere equally innocent.

But if you want to do something to make yourselves feel better .. the Michael Invocation removes curses. The link to it is found by scrolling down this webpage. Follow it through to the Michael site and read the instructions and just do it. That will take care of anything, if there is nasty energy hanging around.

Love & Peace