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A Dream Of My Deceased Husband

My husband has been deceased for 10 years but I dreamed that he was in jail and I went to visit him. It didn’t look like a jail, more a community centre. All inmates were wearing red t shirts and he asked me if I wanted to go out front for a smoke.

After our smoke he said we could leave. He said that he had been here a long time and could just leave.  As we were walking down the sidewalk, he handed me a thick stack of money saying that he’d been saving it for me. Then I woke up.

Asked by Cynthia

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It sounds like you just had one of those weird dreams people get. My wife died some years ago and I dream about her sometimes, usually some weird silly thing. I dont know if it means anything or not.

Hi Cynthia,

Was your husband Catholic? They have belief in a place called purgatory, which souls go to after they die, to give themselves time to heal before they cross into heaven. It might also be possible that he locked himself up, in his own mind, for those 10 years, for the same reason. Now that he feels better he might be ready to cross into heaven, so he came and said goodbye. It’s not as unusual now, that ghosts and spirits do this. The money could be a symbol of him feeling, or showing you, that you have the capacity to get on with your own life now. If he didn’t support you (emotionally or financially) when he was alive, he might have used that gesture to show you that you can support yourself now.

Or it could be as Gary wrote, an odd dream that tells you that he is fine and you can look after yourself.

Love & Peace