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A Dream Of Lost Love And Money

In my dream I saw my ex girlfriend crying for me realizing that she was wrong to have left me… then one of our common friends brings her to meet me and we both are sitting on a couch talking. She is explaining herself and for some reason I have a lot of money in my hand…

In the end I get up take the money and just leave without saying anything…

Asked by Sid

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For the past four or five years I have had an old boyfriend on my mind. I was running from life in general when I joined the Army and left the love of my life behind. I tried to go back 2 years later and talk to him but he was so full of anger that I “shut down” and didn’t say anything else and excused myself. This was a coping mechanism I developed in the Army. I drove down the street and stopped at the corner and cried. The last five years I have replayed this scene over and over in my mind wishing I had done something different. It is almost an obsession. I am married and happy with my life, so why do I keep obsessing over this now in my life? I think maybe I still might be in love with him?

Hi Robbie,

Stop punishing yourself for an opportunity you think you lost. That’s basically what your ego and mind are doing to you .. helping you feel unhappy, obsess over the ‘what ifs …’, and having once done that myself .. the ‘what I have nows’ are sooo much better.

So hug that husband of yours, blow a kiss to the guy who set you on the path to finding your husband .. with thanks .. and let go. Life is too short to be wasted on what ‘might’ have happened .. but we can keep doing that if we want to.

There has to be more fun to be had with all that time you have to think! Go find it. 🙂 Make it wonderful.

Love & Peace

Hi Sid,

Given a choice, your mind is telling you that you would take the money rather than the girl, no matter what the explanation, so if you are still grieving over ‘lost love’ .. let it go. Sometimes we do that, wonder ‘what if …’, but they are simply the actions of our minds, not our hearts.

I think your heart is ready to love again. Money can represent abundance, and we always have to remember to share …

Love & Peace

I keep having dreams of my ex who emotionally damaged me. In the dreams he is doing what he use to do(cheating) and that feeling keeps coming back. I’ve had dreams that I ran into him or he’s laughing in my face. I don’t understand why I keep having these tormenting dreams that just bring back that horrible feeling?

Hi Melissa,

I can give you two things to think about from my own experiences, but first …

The subconscious mind has a built in desire to help us learn and grow. It is, in many ways, controlled by our ego, that energy that never wants us to be hurt, or to reach out and grab onto new life and new experiences, because we ‘might’ get hurt again .. but truthfully, there’s no point in being alive if we don’t reach out … and when we are ready we sometimes self-sabotage, by having dreams based in our pain and fear of ‘what was and what might be again’ …

So ..

1) Your mind is feeding you images and memories that make you want to stay safe and alone. It’s lonely there but the only thing that really hurts now is the memory of what was, and the regret for what ‘could have been’ .. but given the man’s behaviour .. you deserve better.


2) Will you forgive him? Part of our spiritual journey is to learn from the lessons we experience through other people and move on. Your subconscious mind could also be raising these memories to stir you up to do something to stop the pain you keep tormenting yourself with – either constantly in your memory, or by that subtle ‘voice’ in the back of your mind that says that that is what will happen if you ever allow yourself to love again.

You don’t mention a new boyfriend, but perhaps your heart is ready for one, even if your head doesn’t agree. The rest is up to you.

Oh, and the solution to the dreams .. forgive him and let him go. There’s a metaphysical understanding that everyone in our lives is there because we chose them to be, and the lessons they teach us .. perhaps he was teaching you to love yourself more, in a way that might be the exact opposite of what you would expect. That is what I learned from the man “I” broke my heart over .. and I bless him for it – for he taught me some profound lessons in ego, and how sometimes we can love the wrong people for the right reasons .. and then we move on, which I did, and my husband, while a challenge (would I pick anything else 🙂 ) is a wonderful man .. and definitely worth the lessons I lived through to get him.

Love & Peace

Thank you so much, What you stated is definitely how I have been thinking. He taught me to never let anyone treat me the way he did. It was definitely a lesson I learned. He was my life lesson as you would call it. I also have another dream that I have been struggling trying to figure out and I can’t find any info online. Last night I had I dreamt that I saved the life of a squirrel from a pit of snakes I came across. I quickly turned around and left but the squirrel jumped on me with open arms as if he was so scared… Any ideas? (Weird I know)

Hi Melissa,

Do you like squirrels? Do they have some significant meaning to you? Same questions about snakes? Answer those first for me, and then tell me anything else that you remember that happened in the dream, and I will see what I can do to analyse it a little.

Love & Peace

Squirrels are cute, snakes I am terrified of. I remember skating and then I hit a street that had a ton of snakes and I went over them. But they almost got the squirrel and it jumped with wide open arms towards me.

The reason why I ask about dreams is because I usually have very detailed dreams and get a lot of messages through them, but with this one.. It had me scratching my head lol.

Thank you, the questions were necessary, as a pit of snakes has a different meaning to snakes on the street.

The squirrel represents ‘the need to reserve, or hold onto, or hoard something’.
The snake pit represents a highly dangerous situation or relationship or belief.
Snakes themselves pertain to swift retaliation or attack.

And then you were skating .. which means a desire to move quickly through life, without encountering any problems .. and yet you ran into snakes.

Seen as part of a rescue situation, the squirrel – harmless, defenseless, and desperate for help, could be a part of yourself that is clinging tightly to past memories, emotions or beliefs (hoarding them).

You wrote that you turned your back on it and that it jumped onto you as you were leaving – grabbing you with open arms – this speaks to me of being in two minds about letting go, in case something jumps out to bite you.

Whatever the issue inside yourself, that might feel like a snake pit to touch, you can get past it, just as you ran the snakes over .. the block they created is an illusion, and so is the fear of change .. so look past it to the light bright energy of the squirrel and jump – opened arms out – into the future. You will save yourself.

Love & Peace

I had a dream abouty neighbour he gave me money outside his car and he touched me intimately
He said he was going away for 36 ( days or weeks ) can’t remember. I then narrated what happened to my friend all in my dream.

Hi Jada,

There is really not enough information here to analyse this dream as anything but some stray thoughts, perhaps tangled with tv program memories? I would certainly not want any neighbour of mine to act that way.

Love & Peace