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A Shared Dream

Wondering if you can give some advice. I am trying to keep this concise. My spouse struggles with alcohol addiction. Basically his entire family does. Otherwise, he is a very high energy and a very spiritual person.

In the past he has done or said things that were totally out of character and I felt like it was not him. In a dream I was shown that it in fact was not him. I did not know what was going on, but I knew it was not him.

Recently it was on my mind to bless our house but I ignored it. Then another incident happened where he wasn’t himself again. I prayed for clarification and that same night I had a dream that his dead grandmother (who was very afraid of death and fought till the last moment), was attached to him and feeding off the negative energy she created in our marriage. I have a feeling she is doing this with other members of his family as well. I blessed the house of course. His drinking habits have changed dramatically!

Here’s the question: One night, in the middle of it all we had a shared dream. We both dreamed someone was banging loudly at our front door. I was scared initially, then I felt the inclination that my initial jump to fear is false, and this may be a positive thing. But, boy google doesn’t help with that.

I have learned to go with my gut, but reading this post does make me question my feelings that this may be a positive thing. My husband and I have done a lot of growing and are on the verge of a new beginning. He is still making major progress with his addiction even after the dream incident. So, that is why if feel it has to be positive. But, anyway, please any input would be great.

Asked by Kayla

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Hi Kayla,

This sounds like a positive change to me too.

For all that this webpage is about someone, or something, nasty knocking on the door, it didn’t happen when you were awake, but it did happen in a SHARED dream. That is a whole different set of circumstances.

Alcohol addiction runs in families. I know this, because its in my father’s, thankfully my brother and I didn’t inherit it. It also destroys families, and I admire your strength and courage in supporting your husband as he works his way through to freedom.

A shared dream is a clear message, but I would have to know more details of the dream .. from both of you .. before I tried to interpret it. The knocking could be a way of getting your attention .. but what else happened after that?

That your husband’s grandmother is, or was, a ghost, is not unusual, given the family addiction. When you cleared your home, did you ask for her to be crossed over? If you haven’t yet, do so now.

“Archangel Michael, please Find …. .(her full name) … or ‘my husband’s grandmother, .. name ..) and Take her into Healing”.

The angels know what to do. They just need permission. Then that will be one less burden on the family, and perhaps others can start the healing process too.

If you would like to email me privately, there’s a link to my website at the bottom of this page ‘Sacred-Gates – Ama Nazra’. You’ll find my email address on the site.

Love & Peace

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